12V - 16x50 Bullet Pixel Package with Pixie16 Controller

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Pixie16 Pixel Package
Multi Pixel Devices

Plug-n-Show - Includes pixels, controller, power supply, enclosure.
  • This is a 12V system. Pixels and Power Supply are 12 volts
  • Controller and power supply mounted and wired in the enclosure
  • A Pixie16 controller, wired and mounted in enclosure
  • Appears as, 16 CCB or CCPs on the LOR network.
  • 16 Strings of  Bullet Pixels (50 count per string)
  • Pixel strings have End-to-End connectors so you can add pixels to the string.
  • High quality MeanWell Power Supply ( extend temperature operating range ) Handles up to 1600 LOR pixels
  • UL listed Enclosure
  • Enclosure is ventilated to help keep electronics cool
  • UL Recognized Power Supply
  • Cables are numbered for easy connection
  • Plug in the Pixels, Plug in the CAT5 cable and Plug in the power .... Ready to go

Note: Software is not included. Need Software? We recommend that you purchase the Generic Starter Package to receive the software at a discounted price.

The S5 PRO Version of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite is recommended.

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Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

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