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Clearance 300 RGB Bullet Pixels with Power Injection

These are pixel strings that we cannot remember ever purchasing! Found buried in a warehouse. They are unused and tested. Could be we did not like their looks? They have a secondary power wire that is connected at the ends and at mid string. It appears to be a built in power injector. Green heat shrink is used to seal the connections.

We tested every string and they all work 100%... They are old and a little discolored. We have no idea what we paid for them but we are sure it was 2 or 3 times this price!

Price is only $7.99 ... Sold in sets of 6 strings of 50 for only $47.95 Includes a dangle for each string. Can be used with most of our pixel controllers. (Not compatible with the 12V CCC-II controller).


  • 50 RGB Pixels per string - 4" Spacing
  • Green wire and connectors
  • End to End ( down stream end has cap)
  • Voltage = 5V
  • Pixels are 4 wire - WS2801 controlled
  • Secondary power cable. Taps in at ends and mid string.
  • Can be controlled by Pixie4, Pixie8, Pixie16 and Pixcon16 devices
  • Compatible with the Cosmic Color Pixel Controller
  • Dangle included for each string

Availability: Usually ships the next business day