Cosmic Color Devices

Light O Rama's Cosmic Color Devices, give you full control of the color of your lights. Each individual bulb, pixel and flood head can be addressed individually and be assigned individual colors. Because our controllers use the enhanced LOR protocol you can get many more channels on a network than with standard DMX. Of course our Cosmic Color Devices all support the DMX protocol as well as the enhanced LOR protocol.

Every device comes with a powerful LOR controller and matching power supply.

Cosmic RGB Devices

Original Cosmic Color RibbonOriginal Cosmic Color RibbonRGB smart ribbon with individual controller and power supply

CCPixel 100 pixel set with controllerCCPixel 100 pixel set with controller100 RGB Pixels with Controller and Power Supply

CCBulb 100 bulb set with controllerCCBulb 100 bulb set with controller100 RGB Bulbs with Controller and Power Supply.

Cosmic Color Flood ( 2 Flood Heads )Cosmic Color Flood ( 2 Flood Heads )2 High Power RGB LED Flood lights. Includes: Flood heads, controller, power supply and enclosure.

RGB Ribbon ( 150 LEDs )
RGB Flood - 10 watts RGB Flood - 10 watts Single 10W Flood, no controller.

12VDC 200 Watt Power Supply12VDC 200 Watt Power Supply
RGB Ribbon - 8 Pack
10W RGB Flood 8 Pack10W RGB Flood 8 Pack8 - 10 Watt Floods and control card. (no power supply or enclosure)

ShowTime Central Starter Package
ShowTime Central Addon Package
Plug-n-Show SD Card - 01
10 Watt Flood Extension Cord 10 Watt Flood Extension Cord
RGB Ribbon - 150 LED, 10' Extension CordRGB Ribbon - 150 LED, 10' Extension Cord
High Power 50W RGB FloodHigh Power 50W RGB Flood
UV High Power 50W UV FloodUV High Power 50W UV Flood
TSO ShowTime Central Starter Package
TSO ShowTime Central Addon Package
TSO-Plug-n-Show SD Card - 03