DIO32 Family of cards

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The Light-O-Rama (LOR) DIO32 is a 32 channel digital input/output controller that can be used in a LOR Network to perform digital input, digital output, dimming control and servo control. It has four eight-bit ports. Each eight-bit port can be configured independently. There are four optional daughter boards that can be mixed and matched to create the controller configuration required by your application.

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DIO32 - Main Board
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • 32 channels
  • Powered: by a variety of AC and DC voltages.
  • Separate Servo Power
  • LOR Protocol
  • DMX Protocol
  • Standalone support
  • Onboard Zero Cross
  • Outboard Zero Cross
  • 3 Phase AC support



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Daughter Cards (Require a DIO32 Main Board to operate)

DIO8ACF - High Current AC Dimming
  • Eight - 10 amp dimming circuits
  • Two banks of 4 channels
  • Up to 30 amps @ 120/240 vac per bank, 60 amps per board
  • Inputs and outputs filtered with chokes and capacitors


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DIO16AC -  AC Dimming
  • Sixteen - 8 amp dimming circuits
  • Two banks of 8 channels
  • Up to 30 amps @ 12/24/120/240 vac per bank, 60 amps per board
  • Dual banks support 3 phase AC power


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DIO8RLY - 8-Channel Relay
  • Relay inputs and outputs are complete independent. No common wiring.
  • Each relay is rated to handle 16 amps at 250 vac
  • Each relay is separately fused


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DIO16IOD - 16-Channel Connection Board
  • 16 sets of screw terminals to facilitate connection of custom devices to the DIO32 Main Board
  • Allows for connection of devices such as SSRs and other logic level control devices.


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Required to connect Main Board with Daughter Boards

  • Polarized connectors prevent wiring mistakes

  • Come in a variety of lengths (measure before you order)

  • One cable required for each port used on the Main Board


Cost depends on length

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