BLACK Pixel Tree Kit - 16 strips of 25 pixels - Customer AssembledZoom

BLACK Pixel Tree Kit - 16 strips of 25 pixels - Customer Assembled

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Black Pixel Tree Kit - Customer Assembly
This kit requires assembly of the pixel strips. Pixels must be snapped into strips with proper spacking. Strips must be trimmed and folded. Strap stubs are fabricated using scrap pixel strapping.  The straps are then cable tied to the top hub. This requires about 2-4 hours of work and use of about 100 cable ties. All parts are included. Factory assembled (in the USA) kits have all this work already completed.
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Plug-n-Show - Includes ribbons, controller, all tree hardware.
  • 6'6" pixel tree with 400 pixels. Includes everything necessary to setup the tree. 
  • Pixie8 controller & UL recognized MeanWell power supply mounted in a UL list enclosure
  • Stake template provides perfect spacking for the 16 strings and the 3 support cables.
  • Controller mounts to pole inside tree
  • Special adustable straps can be tightened and loosened to get tree level and straight
  • Staked stub straps can remain frozen in the ground until spring allowing for easy takedown regardless of the temperature.

Assembly is easy. Detailed instructions are included. A summary of assembly:

  • Assemble pixel strips and support stubs using supplied pixel strings, mounting straps and cable ties
  • Find location and drive center stake into center pole support
  • Laydown spacing template and drive support cable and pixel string stakes through the 3 hole stap stubs. 
  • Place center pole and 3 support cables. Level pole by adjusting  straps. 
  • Connect controller to center pole using releasable straps.
  • Place top on tree with pixel strings attached. This is 6'6" you may need a ladder. 
  • Connect straps to staked strap stubs using adjusting straps. Do not tighten
  • Plug strips into controller.
  • Tighten straps crisscrossing the tree. Tighten strip 1 then strip 8, strip 2 then strip 9...
Note: Software is not included. Need Software? We recommend that you purchase the Generic Starter Package to receive the software at a discounted price.


The S5 PRO Version of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite is recommended.

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