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Card Assembled (add options)

Card Assembled (add options)
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
ReadyToGO with cover closed No soldering is required. You get a fully assembled and tested, 30 amp, 16 channel contoller card.

Compared with our ShowTime products, this is a lighter duty controller with less bells and whistles but it has the same lighting effects as the ShowTime units.  All LOR controllers are compatible so you can add this controller into any LOR setup.

This is a Third Generation (GEN3) Light-O-Rama Controller. It is designed to be used with all Christmas Lights including LEDs.

Comes as pictured above. Controller card with Heavy duty heatsinks pre-installed. You build your own controller, using your wires and enclosure or you can order the parts you need as options from us.

Software is not included.  The Generic Starter Package includes the adapter cables and software required to use this controller.
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