Plug-n-Show: CCR-II - Super Star Ribbon Tree Kit

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RIBBON PACKAGES - With Controller/Power Supply/Enclosure (pre wired)
  • Come in 12 and 16 Ribbon Packages 
  • All controllers wired for 16 Ribbons so you can easly upgrade from 12 to 16 
  • Extended Temperature, UL recognized,  MeanWell Power Supplies
  • All products are IP68 / NEMA 4 rated for outdoor use
  • Black and White ribbons are available -- Pixie16 or PixCon16 controllers
  • The Pixie16 controller based kits are less expensive. They operate  great on a Light-O-Rama network. If you do not use Light-O-Rama to run your show then you will need to use the PixCon16 controller based kits.
CCR  Tree in  action

These sequences were produced using the SuperStar software add-on which is integrated into the LOR ShowTime Software Suite.. These sequences and other sequences are available for sale by the author of the SuperStar software, Brian Bruderer. For more information on the purchase of these great sequences and instruction on creating a CCR Tree using LOR ribbons vist Brian's website at SuperStarLights !

NOTE:  (mounting frames/hardware not included)

Multi Pixel Devices
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