5 VOLT - Pixie16 Controller - Assembled - 5 Volt System

SKU: Assembled-Controller-Pixie16-5Volts

Includes controller, power supply, enclosure. Dangles sold separately.


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Includes controller, power supply, enclosure (dangles sold separately).

  • This is a 5 Volt system. Use only with 5V rgb devices. Do not attempt to connect 12v pixels.
  • Controller and power supply mounted and wired in the enclosure
  • A Pixie16 controller, wired and mounted in enclosure
  • Appears as, 16 CCB or CCPs on the LOR network.
  • No Pixels or are included!
  • High quality Power Supply with Power Factor Correction and extend temperature operating range.
  • 5V Power Supply - MeanWell RSP-320-5 - Input=120/240V Output=5V/60A.
  • Enclosure is ventilated to help keep electronics cool
  • UL Listed Enclosure.
  • UL Recognized Power Supply.
  • Comes with or without 'LOR End Connector' dangles installed. Dangles mate with 5 Volt 'LOR End Connector' Pixels/Bulbs/Ribbons. To connect with 5v pixels with different pixel end connectors, choose 'no dangles' and use your own alternative option.


Note: Software is not included. The PRO Version of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite is recommended.