Looking for an easy way to add pixels to your display? Our RGB Packages are a great choice! Some packages come fully assembled (like our singing faces), our CPC Packages come with everything you need to add smart pixels to your show, and our generic Pixel Packages let you create your own props with the pixel type you select. 

If you're looking for the easiest way to add smart pixels to your display, take a look at our CPC Packages, which contain the "Coro, Pixels and Controller" you need to add some of the most popular coro props to your show. All of these packages have included sequencing in our upcoming RGBPlus sequences, which will be available for purchase this October.

If you want to build your own props, consider our Pixel Packages. For example, if you purchase a Pixie16 Controller Package with Pixels, you could use each port of the controller for a different custom coro prop. Either way, the controller comes fully assembled with dangles installed so you can easily plug in your pixels.  

RGB Packages from Light-O-Rama Graphic

RGB Packages and CPC Kits