Light-O-Rama at Christmas Expo!

Light-O-Rama at Christmas Expo!

Learn about these topics in the Light-O-Rama classroom at Expo with a standard 1 or 3-Day pass! Visit the Christmas Expo in Overland Park, KS from July 18-20, 2024.

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Light-O-Rama General Overview
This introductory class will teach you about the multiple LOR technologies and controllers available to use in your display, how to decide which controller(s) to use, and how those items would be connected. This class will also include an overview of how the programs in the LOR software suite work together as an intro to program-specific classes at later times.

Sitting Down To Sequence: Making Sense of the Music
Once your controllers are purchased and your layout is planned, the next question becomes: 'Now how do I make a sequence?' If you don't want to look at pre-done options, the answer is simple: let music be your creative guide! Join this software agnostic class and learn how to look at your layout through the lens of music so you can create a great plan before you ever place your first effect.

LOR S6 Preview Editor: The Basics
The Light-O-Rama Preview Editor is the foundation for creating sequences - first you need to design your virtual layout! This class for beginners or those looking to upgrade from S4 will cover the basics of using the S6 Preview Editor to create both AC and pixel props, group your elements, and prepare your sequence grid configuration for efficient use. {Computer strongly recommended for this class}

LOR S6 Sequencer: The Basics
This introduction to the Light-O-Rama Sequencer program is a great option for those brand new to LOR, or those upgrading from S4 to S6. This class will cover the basic tools and options for creating effects, exploring the foundational buttons and menus for sequencing traditional lights, dumb RGB, and touch on elements for sequencing smart RGB. {Computer strongly recommended for this class}

LOR S6 Control Panel and Phone App: The Basics
In LOR S6, the Control Panel combined multiple programs into one easy location for hardware testing and show control. Learn about the different options in the Control Panel, like testing your lights, setting your show playlist, picking your season schedule, and building an SD card. Want an even easier playback option? Download the LOR S6 App and make all the changes right from your phone.



Avoiding Christmas Clutter: Designing a Tasteful Display
Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll find common ground talking about great displays! We'll delve into design theory and discuss how how to arrange your props, incorporate new elements, and organize your display into a cohesive show. We’ll discuss the components of a well-designed display and share examples to help you enhance your existing setup or create a new one from scratch.

LOR Pixielink, Aurora Core, and More
When determining how to control the pixels (and more) in your show, there are multiple controller options available from Light-O-Rama. Explore which options are best suited for you in this deep dive into hardware features and selection as you begin or grow your show.

Art of Blending Displays: Merging AC and Pixel Lights
Whether you're transitioning from traditional AC lights to pixel lights, integrating AC lights into your pixel workflow, or looking to improve both, this class is for you. We'll explore combining AC and pixel lights in your display, covering the benefits, programming techniques, and best hardware options. This intermediate-level class includes hardware setups and software tips & tricks for mixed displays.

You can do THAT with LOR?!
Have you ever had an out of the box idea for your show and wished that your LOR system could help you make it a reality? Look no further! This class will discuss tips for controlling DMX devices as well as explore ways to use the LOR Sequencer and show player in unique ways. Want to add DMX devices, projection mapping, P5/P10 panels, non LOR hardware, to your display? You can do THAT!

LOR Sequencing Tips: The Lightning Round
Bring a notebook or computer to this advanced level class and get ready to experience a power hour of 30-60 second tips that will help you become a master of the LOR software suite. This class assumes you already understand the basics of software usage, and will dive into dozens of advanced tips and shortcuts for the Preview Editor and Sequencer that will make you a better and faster sequencer this season.



SuperStar Sequencer
SuperStar basics including scenes and morphs. Auto Sequence Face feature including how to modify the face actions manually. Import of Images and Animated Gifs from and how to modify and sync them in a sequence. General questions are also welcome.

DIY Tricks of the Allison Christmas Spectacular
Take a behind the scenes look at the work that goes into the Allison Christmas Spectacular! (GCLF Contender, 2022). Learn how the Allison family builds, installs, and stores their display each season so that you can walk away with new prop ideas and improved skills for how to better install and store YOUR display this season, no matter what size.

LOR Singing Face Sequencing
Sequencing singing faces doesn’t have to be intimidating. Once you learn the tricks to approaching 10 mouth movement sequencing, freehand sequencing becomes just as easy of an option to use as modifying the results from any “automatic” singing plugin.

LOR with 3rd Party Controllers
Learn how to configure LOR control of third party controllers via e1.31. This class covers basics of networking and e1.31, preview and network configuration, and controller examples. Unique controllers such as wLED (wireless) and FPP control of panel matrix included!

LOR: Make that Pixel Motion Effect!
Learn about pixel effects in this simultaneous beginner, intermediate, and advanced class through a hands-on approach. Bring a computer with LOR S6 Pro (or find a friend in class), and learn about how to create LOR Motion Effects through "on-your-own-computer" exercises instead of a lecture based class.