Light-O-Rama is an affordable, computerized lighting system designed to control elaborate or simple lighting displays. The Light-O-Rama system can be applied to almost any lighting situation, from stand-alone controllers to synchronizing hundreds of controllers, motion detectors, animation servos and other devices using a personal computer or master controller.

Light-O-Rama controllers are micro-processor based (miniature computers inside) and are equipped to produce a number of great lighting effects such as smooth ramping, cyclic/cross fading, dimming, twinkling and many others. Every Light-O-Rama controller can act as a Director or Companion controller. Even our most basic controller can "take charge", directing many controllers to create a synchronized lighting show. This gives you the ability to create a custom controller with an almost unlimited number of channels by simply plugging together smaller controllers.

All our controllers work with Light-O-Rama PC software which allows the user to easily design light animations. The software is easy to use, and very powerful, allowing the user to build large light shows that are synchronized to music. Lighting designs can be viewed in motion on the computer prior to actually building the display. Using the scheduler, light shows can be set to run unattended. The software will not only control Light-O-Rama light controllers but will also control industry standard controllers such as X10 controllers and Digital IO cards, allowing you to preserve your investment in these other technologies.

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