How to Become an LOR Partner

How to Become an LOR Partner

We are currently not accepting any additional partners.

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Want to include the technology of a well respected company with your proven products?  Ready to establish a business niche in your area by offering a unique combination of products enhanced with your sales and technical talents?  Consider becoming a Light-O-Rama partner by using our technology in your products.  It's not easy to qualify as a Light-O-Rama partner but the rewards are well worth the efforts.

]We're looking for established companies serving a well defined niche.  They know their business well and see opportunities with computerized shows. Their customers want to be guided into the future with the latest technology and there is a trust established. These companies are willing to make an investment in Light-O-Rama by being trained on how to use the product correctly and efficiently.

If you simply want to resell our product and not support customers should they have problems, becoming a Light-O-Rama partner isn't the way to go.  We take great pride in our customer relationships and that includes after the sale.

There are several keys to a successful value added partner network of this type:

  • Partners require extensive product information so they feel comfortable representing Light-O-Rama when in front of customers
  • Partners are required to attend company sponsored training classes on a regular basis
  • The factory will sometimes have to participate with large sales presentations
  • The Light-O-Rama name will be prominent in as many venues as possible and actively touting the value added partner network
  • Potential sales leads that come to the factory will be routed to the appropriate value added partner
  • All partners must be treated equally and fairly

The Light-O-Rama Partner Network

Becoming a company in the Light-O-Rama partner network has only a few fundamental requirements while allowing partners to be creative so their customers are successful.  Since no two installations are alike, partners need flexibility.

Partner Requirements

New partners make a small but important financial commitment so they have "skin in the game."  A package consisting of basic Light-O-Rama hardware and software helps you be successful by keeping spare parts in your local inventory.

Each partner is required to purchase or already have on hand at least the following components:

  • LOR1602W ShowTime Pro 16 channel controller, enclosure and power pigtails with MP3 ShowTime Director (North America)
  • CTB32L 16 channel controller board with no enclosure or power pigtails (outside North America)
  • ShowTime Director
  • ShowTime Sequencing Suite Pro
  • Cosmic Color devices as they become available
  • SuperStar Add-on to the Sequencing Suite for Cosmic Color devices

Product training is the key to success and attending yearly Light-O-Rama seminars is a necessity.  Initially, these classes are part of a road show designed for you to establish a face-to-face relationship with Light-O-Rama personnel as well as learning tricks from other partners.  In the future many of the classes can be conducted over the Internet.

What you need to get started: Light-O-Rama partners are not eligible for partner pricing until they have on-hand the components mentioned above, attend an approved Light-O-Rama class and pass partner certification.

The certification class is thorough and some applicants will not be successful.  Each class will grind through the following:

  • Electrical fundamentals
  • Light-O-Rama product overview
  • Product usage
  • Musical sequencing
  • LOR resources
  • Sales tools
  • Light-O-Rama website
  • Light-O-Rama partner resources
  • Estimating jobs
  • Sales presentations
  • Light-O-Rama ordering process
  • Tier 1 Product support (partner to customer)
  • Tier 2 Product support (factory to partner)
  • Repairs/RMAs
  • Final exam

Upon successful completion of the class the partner is granted a one year Light-O-Rama Partner Certificate and is immediately eligible for discounts on Light-O-Rama products.  You should display this partner certificate proudly.

Partner discounts levels are based on sales volume and determined when you're accepted into the Light-O-Rama Partner Network.  As individual value added partners evolve and sell more product they are eligible for increased discounts.

Partners outside the USA

Light-O-Rama has figured out how things work in the United States of America but we'll admit to not knowing all the details in the other 190+ countries of the world.  Our foreign partners know the constantly changing local requirements better than we ever will.  We desire foreign partners but there are product limitations.  Here's what we commit to with our foreign partners:

  • Light-O-Rama ships directly to the foreign partner, FOB our dock at South Glen Falls, New York.  In other words, the partner must pay all shipping and customs.
  • Several Light-O-Rama ShowTime Pro controllers are UL508 certified.  There are no other certifications at this time.  See below for a CTB32L option.
  • You must already have experience with Light-O-Rama equipment.  We will waive the foreign partners training requirement.
  • Light-O-Rama does not grant exclusive territories for partners.
  • Payment must be made before shipment via wire transfer or PayPal.

Fully assembled Light-O-Rama light controller units are typically shipped configured for 120VAC/60Hz usage with standard NEMA 5-15 plugs (aka: grounded Edison male/female plugs like pictured to the right.)  240VAC/50Hz controllers are available via special order.

Non-USA partners should consider using our commercial CTB32L 16 channel light controller board with integrated heavy duty heatsink as their standard in-country controller.  This unit will work with a supply voltage of 120/240 VAC at 50/60 Hz.  Mount the unit in an appropriate enclosure, add the correct cordset for your country, get any local electrical certifications required (the board already has UL508 certification in the USA) and charge a value-added price appropriate to your area.  The CTB32L board assembly weighs just two pounds for shipping.  240VAC/50Hz controllers are available via special order.

Special Resources for Partners

Some partners will be holiday lighting enthusiasts ready to get in the Christmas business.  They already feel comfortable with Light-O-Rama products and see opportunity in their area to make money selling, creating, installing and maintaining computerized shows.  Unfortunately they don’t have the expertise in buying appropriate product other than from the big-box stores.  Light-O-Rama is in a position to help these new partners.

For many value added partners to be truly successful, Light-O-Rama also provides resources to supply lights and design pieces.  Where do you buy a 50’ tree for the center of a shopping mall?  Where do you buy commercial grade custom designed and lit wireframes?  Where do you buy true commercial grade lights?  Light-O-Rama is here to help.

Partner Support Package

Just because partners have Light-O-Rama hardware and software sitting on the shelf for use as spare parts, attended class and become certified doesn’t mean they are self-sufficient.  Partners will hear regularly from the mothership and have access to exclusive information.

  • Design resources for major projects can be provided by the factory depending on the requirements.  This can include graphic artists, professional show designers and custom equipment manufacturers.
  • Technical support is provided directly to the partners.  Partners should be able to handle at least 80% of the technical issues experienced by customers without needing to consult the factory.  Partners receive product discounts because they support the customers directly.  Light-O-Rama will provide emergency contact information for after-hour field problems.
  • Out-of-warranty repair is available to partners.  Light-O-Rama charges a flat rate plus shipping and handling.  The partner can mark up the price as their market allows.
  • The Light-O-Rama website will offer a directory of certified value added partners.
  • Light-O-Rama will attend appropriate trade shows and actively promote potential customers working through partners.
  • Light-O-Rama will never offer end-user pricing for less than partner pricing.

Partner Sales Expectations

What kind of discounts do Light-O-Rama partners receive?  It's all based on sales of the previous year.

Calendar Year Sales












New partners have a Light-O-Rama product sales goal of $6,000 their first year.  Not meeting the goal means not being a partner the next year.  Example: If you had Light-O-Rama product sales of $100,001 in 2014, that means you receive a 30% discount for all of 2021.  If your sales fall to $99,998 in 2022 then your discount changes to 25% the following year.

Any partner with Light-O-Rama calendar year sales of <$8,000, or no orders for three calendar years in a row run the risk of being de-certified as a partner at the sole discretion of Light-O-Rama management.

Ordering Light-O-Rama Products

As a Light-O-Rama partner, we'll bill you on Net 30 terms after an initial credit check.  Any past-due invoice means permanent loss of Light-O-Rama partner certification.  Partners cannot pay by credit card.

Still Want to be a Partner?

It's not easy to become a Light-O-Rama partner.  Our standards are high and we expect the best.  If your company is ready to bring our proven and supported technology to your community, we want to explore the possibilities.  If you see the potential synergy, let's talk.  Together, we're going to change everything!

Think you're ready?  We need to learn a little about your company.