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PixCon16 Smart Pixel Controller

Item# PixCon16
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days.
The LOR PixCon16 can drive up to 32 strings of 170 RGB pixels in DMX mode or up to 16 strings of 170 pixels in LOR Enhanced Pixel Mode.

Commands to the PixCon16 can be supplied over Ethernet via E1.31 which allows very high speeds for complex shows . Commands may also be supplied over RS485 to permit simpler integration and use of LOR ShowDirectors.

The Light-O-Rama Showtime software is used to design and build Sequences (controller commands that may be choreographed to audio/music.) These user created sequences and/or pre-programmed musical sequences available from LOR and other companies are then arranged into shows.

The ShowTime software has been dramatically enhanced to provide powerful tools and wizards that let you create sophisticated shows with large numbers of RGB pixels.

As with all LOR controllers, this controller may appear in a network with any other LOR controllers. The ShowTime software allows for multiple networks. These capabilities allow the animation of displays requiring high power and/or thousands or even tens of thousands of channels.

Note: Software is not included. Need Software? We recommend that you purchase the Generic Starter Package to receive the software at a discount.

The PRO Version of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite is recommended.

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