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ServoDog 8-Channel Servo Controller

Item# ServoDog
The ServoDog is more than just an 8 channel servo board. The 8 channels can run either in servo mode or as standard logic level outputs to power low current items such as LEDs or Solid State Relays. In addition two of the channels can be configured as high current PWM channels with their own power input to run DC motors, LED spot lights etc...

There are two 3 amp voltage regulators onboard to power the Servos. Those regulators are adjustable so you can pick the correct voltage for you servo application. Channels 1-4 are powered by one regulator and 5-8 are powered by the other.

Each of the servo channels can be configured independently to control the range of the pulse width, behavior at startup and when there is a communications loss. The ServoDog automatically detects LOR or DMX connectivity.


ServoDog Specifications:
  • 8 Output Channels that can be configured as Servo or DIO
  • 6 Input Channels
  • 2 of the Output Channels can be configured as high current PWM
  • 2 onboard, high current adjustable voltage regulators for Servo Power (one regulator for each 4 channels) You select the output voltage for your servos.
  • Single input powers card and servos (via adjustable voltage regulators)
  • Independent servo configuration for each channel
  • Communications protocol LOR or DMX512
  • Can run wireless using a Easy Light Linker
  • Can run off batteries or DC power inputs
  • Can run standalone
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