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ShowTime Central Starter Package

Item# STC-Starter
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
Package Includes:
  • Light-O-Rama Mini Director with MP3 Player
  • FM transmitter ( 150' range )
  • ShowTime Designer Basic Plus License
  • One 30 Amp ReadyToGo 16 channel light controller (option to include up to four controllers - 64 channels)
  • USB Adapter and USB filtered cable
  • 50' Cat5 cable (to connect Director and first controller)
This package gives you the hardware you need for a first-year basic 16 channel show (just use your own lights / props!). With this package, you can add on an additional three 16 channel controllers (for a total of four), RGB flood lights, and a Complete Pixel Tree Kit to match the layout in our sequence store and on our Showtime Central SD cards. If you want more controllers so you can add in your own extra sequencing, just add more controllers to your cart. With the included software license, you can create your own light show to any song you choose.

After you add the Showtime Central Starter Package to your cart, just add one of our five Showtime Central SD card playlists (or purchase our Signature TSO Package) and you'll have a ready-to-play light show when your package arrives; just insert the SD card into your Director after you install your lights and connect them to your controller/s. If you want to add extra props or change the effects in the sequence, select the modifiable card option on the respective purchase page. If you don't plan to make any changes, you can select the non-modifiable option. Our shows are designed so you can start with 16 channels, and grow year after year until you have everything included in our layout!

With the included software license, you can modify your playlist and add more sequences from our sequence store, or ones you create yourself!

This package contains 120VAC controllers. If you need 240VAC, please contact the Light-O-Rama help desk.

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