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IMPORTANT: Save money!
Many of the starter packages in the store have discount prices on software. Do not purchase your software here if you plan to purchase one of those starter packages!

The ShowTime Designer software comes in a number of different versions. Make sure that you pick the version you want and need. You can always upgrade later to a higher version.

  • Download and install the software (or wait for the optional CD* to be delivered)
  • You will be emailed a license key. Enter that key to unlock the feature level purchased.

*CD is optional. Price of CD includes shipping and handling charges to US and Canada.

Click here for license FAQs.
Click here for a version comparison.
Download the software here. Do not download if you already have the demo software. Just enter your key to unlock the demo.
License Renewal - Your software will never expire. However to continue getting upgrades you need to renew the license after 1 year. Check Here to see if you need to renew your license to use the new ShowTime software.  Check License Level

License Renewal     One renewal covers all existing licenses associated with your email address.                          

The ShowTime Software Suite is the main set of  Light-O-Rama Programs. Sequence Ediitor, Show Player, Hardware Utilities, etc. It is required to create and run a  Light-O-Rama Show.

ShowTime Software Suite  ( getting started and need a license )

ShowTime Designer Software Suite  Upgrade  ( have a license - want a higer level )

The SuperStar Sequencer is an optional program that has an auto sequencer function as well as a large number of tools to work with Cosmic Color Ribbons.

SuperStar Sequencer ( purchase license )

SuperStar Sequencer  Upgrade ( have a license - want a higher level )
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