Our Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite is available at multiple license levels. The license level determines how many elements you can control and what features of our software are available to you. You can upgrade to a higher version at any time and just pay the difference between your current license and the upgrade - there aren't any financial downsides to starting at the Basic level! SuperStar is an add-on software and requires a separate license.

Save Money! Many of the starter packages in the store have discounted prices on software when you purchase the bundle. Do not purchase your software here if you plan to purchase one of those starter packages!

After purchasing a license, you will be emailed a license key. Download and install the software on your machine, or wait for the optional CD* to be delivered (a CD is only necessary if your computer is unable to connect to the internet). Enter your license key during software installation to unlock the features corresponding to your license. Do not download the software again if you have already downloaded the demo version; just enter your license key to unlock the new features.

*The price of CD includes shipping and handling charges to US and Canada.

Click here for license FAQs.
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The ShowTime Software Suite is the main set of Light-O-Rama software programs, which includes the Sequencer, Show Editor, Schedule Editor, Hardware Utility, and more. An software license it is required to create sequences and schedules for a Light-O-Rama show. Your Light-O-Rama license never expires; you may continue to use the version you downloaded at the time of purchase indefinitely with no additional fees.

  • New ShowTime License = You should purchase a new license if you're just getting started with Light-O-Rama. This purchase allows you to download any major software updates released within one year of purchase (i.e. S5 to S6), or the next six minor software updates released at any point in the future (i.e. 5.1.0 to 5.7.0).
  • ShowTime License Renewal = You should renew your license if you would like to download the latest version of the software, but are no longer eligible due to how long ago your license was originally purchased. You can check your license status before renewing. License renewals apply to both the Showtime Software Suite and SuperStar.
  • ShowTime License Upgrade = You should upgrade your license if you would like to control more elements or unlock additional software features. Be sure you know your associated email address and current license level before upgrading (Basic, Basic Plus, Standard, Advanced, Pro). When you upgrade your license, you automatically receive a license renewal for free.
The SuperStar Sequencer is an addon software that allows for individual pixel control when creating effects and includes a number of additional features for both traditional and pixel lights.
  • New SuperStar License = You should purchase a SuperStar addon if you would like to use this piece of software for sequencing. Licensing is based on the number of pixels/channels you plan to control.
  • SuperStar License Upgrade = You should upgrade your SuperStar license if you already use SuperStar and would like to control more elements. Be sure you know your associated email address and current license level before upgrading (4_CCR, 16_CCR, 160_CCR, etc).
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