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TSO ShowTime Central Starter Package

Item# TSO-STC-Starter
Package Includes:
  • ShowTime Central with miniDirector and FM Transmitter
  • ShowTime Designer PRO level License
  • USB Adapter and USB filtered cable
  • 30 Amp ReadyToGo 16 channel light controller
  • 50' Cat5 cable to connect Director and light controller
  • TSO Signature Series SD Show Card
TSO addon Pixel Tree and Flood Package
This package gives you a 16 channel light show that is ready to go. This is a real Light-O-Rama system that can be expanded to almost any size imaginable. With the included software you can create a light show to any song you choose.

The Regular TSO Signature Series SD card is a play only version. It will play the show for you but you cannot make any modifications to the actual sequences. If you want to be able to make changes to the sequences you need to select the "can be modified" option for the SD card.

Our Sequences support 16, 32, 48 or 64 channels so you can add additional controllers to put your show over the top! You can add the 16x25 pixel tree, 10 watt plug-n-play package, singing trees, 50 watt floods, etc... The included TSO sequences will controll all these devices. Plug them in and enjoy! 
This package contains 120VAC controllers. If you need 240VAC then contact Light-O-Rama

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Warning - This card runs at 500K. It requires Gen3 controllers and Directors. It does not support EasyLight Linker (wireless) communication. S5 Pro Level software is required to modify sequences.
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