TSO-Plug-n-Show SD Card - UpgradeZoom

TSO-Plug-n-Show SD Card - Upgrade

Item# TSO-Plug-n-ShowSD-Upgrade

You must have already purchased the TSO SD card. If you have not purchased an earlier version of the TSO SD card your order will be cancelled!

This SD card for customers how have already purchased an earlier version of the TSO Signature Series SD card and want the new version with support for the Light-O-Rama 6ft pixel tree and the Singing trees. This is a plug in replacement for your existing SD card.

The TSO SD card comes in two versions, “Play Only” (Sequences cannot be modified) and “Modifiable” (Sequences can be modified). If you originally purchased the more expensive “Modifiable” SD card then the updated SD card will also be “Modifiable”.  If you originally purchased the “Play Only” version then you will receive the “Play Only” version.

If you originally purchased the “Play Only” version you can select the “Play Only to Modifiable Upgrade” and we will send you a "Modifiable" version of the new TSO SD card.

Important Notes:

  • The Updated SD card will only work with Light-O-Rama Gen3/4 Directors and controllers. If purchased in the last 4-5 years you will be fine.
  • If you plan to modify the sequences, you will need the Light-O-Rama PRO Level, S5 ShowTime Designer Software.
  • Most TSO songs do not have vocals. When there are no vocals, the Singing Trees will act more like Dancing Trees. They will be blinking on and off to the music and changing colors but because there are no words the mouths do not show. When there are vocals, the mouths do move in sync with the words.
Price includes shipping and handling to the US and Canada.

Warning - This card runs at 500K. It requires Gen3 controllers and Directors. It does not support EasyLight Linker (wireless) communication. S5 Pro Level software is required to modify sequences.
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