Assembled Pixel Controllers

The pixel packages have all the electronics assembled, mounted, wired, etc. Extended temperature range, UL recognized power supplies and UL listed enclosures are used.

The Pixie16 controller based kits are less expensive. They will only run on an Light-O-Rama network. If you do not use Light-O-Rama to run your show then you will need to use the PixCon16 controller based packages.

  • If you are NOT using LOR Pixels, Bulbs or Ribbons DO NOT get dangles installed!
  • Optional Dangles are for LOR products only. You must know the voltage of the LOR RGB device you are connecting!
  • For your protection, LOR 5V products use 4 pins and LOR 12V products use 3 pins. This prevents damaged caused by mixing voltages.
  • Wiring yourself? Be careful with voltages. Light-O-Rama is not responsible for damage caused by mixing 5V and 12V products.
  • Click here for more info about wiring pixels to a pixel controller.
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