You can purchase the CTB16PC card fully assembled. The assembled card can be ordered with or without heatsinks. If you purchase it with High Power Heatsinks it will be delivered with the heatsinks installed and ready to insert into the optional outdoor enclosure.
You can purchase the CTB16PC card as a kit. The Kit is supplied with all parts required to build a functioning light controller. The CTB16PC kit even includes items such as solder and thermal compound. To be mounted in the optional outdoor enclosure you must order the optional High Power Heatsinks.

Option Descriptions

The Outdoor Enclosure High Power heatsinks are required if you order the Outdoor enclosure. The heatsinks are used to mount the controller. This enclosure provides outdoor protection for your controller.
High Power Heatsinks Heatsinks are required to run your controller at its full capacity. They are also required if you are purchasing the optional Outdoor Enclosure. Highly recommended.
Power Supply Cordset The Power Supply Cordset is used to supply power into the controller. You have a choice of the 15 Amp (single set) or 30 Amp (dual set). Cords are 6ft, grounded, 14awg, black, outdoor rated.
Power Output Cordset The Power Output Cordset contains 16 power dangles to get the power out to you your lights. There is one dangle for each of the circuits. Cords are 18in, grounded 18awg, black, outdoor rated.
Shipping weight notice: Due to limitations in the store, the shipping weight is based on the purchase of all options. We will adjust the shipping charges to match the actual weight prior to charging your account.  If shipping charges are adjusted, they will always be decreased, never increased.
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