CTB16 Input Connector (3 inputs)Zoom

CTB16 Input Connector (3 inputs)

Item# CTB16-Input-3
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.
Connect up to 3 inputs to your CTB16 based controller. Use of inputs requires version 2.1.2 or higher of the Light-O-Rama S2/S3 Software Suite.

Will work with any CTB16 based controller which has a 18 pin header. This includes later models of CTB16D, CTB16K, CTB16KD, CTB16PC, LOR1600W, LOR1602W and LOR1602MP3.

Check that your controller has the 18 pin header (to the right of where the CAT5 cables plug in).

Provides connections for +5, +10, Gnd and 3 Inputs. Input-1 cannot be used on CTB16PC and CTB16K.

For More Information: Data Sheet

WARNING: If your controller does not have an 18 pin header then this connector will not work! Does not work on Gen3 devices.
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