DIY Products

Our DIY products can produce the same spectacular shows as our ShowTime products. Some of our DIY products only require the use of a screw driver and pliers; other products require that you solder parts onto a circuit board.

There are two controllers in our DIY section: The CTB16K and the CTB16PC.

The CTB16K is a kit (requires soldering) of the exact circuit board used in our ShowTime LOR1602W controller.

The CTBPC controller is a part of the PlanetChristmas series of DIY products. The PC series provides you a shopping list of parts that give you everything you need to build a powerful, outdoor controller that rivals anything available in the market place. The card comes in kit form or fully assembled and tested.

The Light-O-Rama Promise: If you choose a DIY product that requires soldering, we will stand behind you 100%. Almost every problem can be fixed via email or a phone call. If you cannot get your controller to operate we will attempt to repair it absolutely free. If you damage a component we replace it free!. If we cannot determine the problem we will replace the kit for free! In the extremely rare case, that you physically damage the kit beyond repair, our standard warrantee will cover 40% of the replacement cost!
Note: Customer pays shipping for free repairs and free replacement parts.
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