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The RF-V5 is as easy to use as plugging in a network cable. Wirelessly connect your PC to outdoor controllers for convenience and safety. Each controller can have its own RF-V5 or groups of controllers can share a single RV-V5. By breaking you show into wired sections that contain a RF-V5 you greatly simplify the data cabling.

Work with neighbors to create a widespread coordinated show. You can use the relay capability to include very large areas in a coordinated show.

The RF-V5 is certified for use in the United States and Canada. This price includes two Wireless Units and two 10' Cat5 patch cables.

DataSheet : User Guide : Latest Firmware

Important Usage information:

Power: If you are connecting the ELL directly to a PC with no other LOR controllers connected to the PC then you will need the RS485B (voltage booster version) of our USB adapter. In general if there is a LOR controller connected to an ELL via a CAT5 cable the ELL will get power from the controller via the CAT5 cable.

Connections: requires a minimum of two (2) EasyLight Linkers (ELLs) to make a connection. You can connect multiple controllers to a single ELL so you could for example have one ELL at your PC and then one ELL in the yard with a bunch of controllers connected to that one ELL. You could add another ELL and have another bunch of controllers connected to it.

Range: The ELLs have about a 1000 foot outdoor range. It will vary higher or lower with terrain. You want to keep them at least 6 feet off the ground. They work best when there are no obstructions (buildings or trees between them).

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