RGB Products

  RGB Products
Multi Pixel Devices

When you see Plug-n-Show you know that product is ready to be used outside. It will have a pre-wired controller and UL recognized, extended temperature range power supply. All this in a UL listed, Nema4 outdoor enclosure. You plug in the lights and network cable... Thats it!


Plug-n-Show: Original Cosmic Color Pixels and Bulbs

RGB Pixels and Bulbs complete, ready to plug in, water tight case and power supply.

Original Cosmic Color Ribbon

RGB smart ribbon with individual controller and power supply

Smart RGB, Pixels, Bulbs and Ribbons

This is just the LEDs. You pick controllers and power supplies to make your own system

Plug-n-Show: CCR-II - Super Star Ribbon Tree Kit

A complete package to build a 12 or 16 CCR tree using the new CCR-II ribbon. Comes with weather proof controller/power supply ready to Plug-n-Show

Plug-n-Show: Complete Pixel Tree Kit

Everything required to easily assemble an outdoor pixel tree to plug into your LOR network. Plug-n-Show.

Pixel Controllers

If you purchase just the pixels or ribbons you will need a pixel controller to drive them. (already included in any package deals)

Plug-n-Show: Pixel Package Deals

A weather resistant controller and power supply with pixels or bulbs.

Plug-n-Show: 50W RGB and UV floods

High POWER LED floods. RGB and UV floods.

10W RGB floods, individual and Plug-n-Show Systems

10 watt floods are perhaps the easiest way to get into RGB. All pre-Sequenced music is being updated to support RGB floods!

RGB Dumb Ribbons, Individual ribbons and Plug-n-Show packages

RGB Dumb Strips are an easy way to get color into your display. Easy to program because each ribbon is only 1 RGB channel.

Controllers for Dumb RGB devices

These controllers are used to drive RGB dumb strips and 10W RGB floods. (already included in any package deals).

Power Supplies and other accessories

You need low voltage to control LED products. Most packages and all Plug-n-Show products already have a matching power supply and enclosure.