Ready to start a show with TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS LIGHTS using a COMPUTER as the brains of the operation telling the lights when to play your sequences? Check out the starter items on this page! We've got lots of advanced options when you're ready, but these packages are a great way to start your first show. Learn about the basics of how our system connects and expands by watching this 5 minute video.

The Residential Series 16 Channel Starter Package gives you all of the hardware/software you need to start a show with 16 different traditional light props. The Pro Series Starter Package comes with a more durable controller meant for commercial environments, with the ability to set the Unit ID directly on the controller's display screen. Want more than 16 traditional props? Add more Residential Series - CTB16PC - ReadyToGo or Pro Series LOR160x controllers to your cart (the starter packages come with one each).

Bonus option: Add a Flood Light Package to add a pop of color to your show with our easy-to-use CMB24D Controller and 10W floods!

How do you make the lights actually do to the music? You need SEQUENCES. You can either use our software to pick custom music and dream up effects on your own, or visit our library of pre-done sequences and save yourself lots of time! Our TRADITIONAL LAYOUT sequences give you effects for 64 props (4 of those CTB16PC controllers), plus the Flood Light Package.

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Traditional Lights Only - Computer Run Show

Traditional Lights Only - Computer Run Show

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