These RGB (Smart Pixel) Controllers come fully assembled. They are mounted in an enclosure with a power supply connected and ready to go.

The Pixie line of controllers is a simpler-to-use controller that can plug directly into your LOR network with just another Cat5 line. The number in the name of the controller (i.e. a Pixie8), refers to how many ports (or "places to plug in strands of pixels") there are on the controller. For translation to use in the Sequencer software, each port equates to one Unit ID number or DMX Universe assignment. 

Need to run more than 4 networks of Pixies? Consider using a Pixielink sACN adapter, which converts standard E1.31 (streaming ACN) into six RS485 output networks.

Specifically looking for an advanced E1.31 controller? The Aurora Core is a great choice. If you are new light shows and are looking for the easiest way to incorporate pixels, the Pixie series is the recommended choice.

In order to connect to Light-O-Rama pixel strings, either the assembled controller or the pixel strings need to have attached dangles (but not both). LOR or Xconnect type dangles refers to the shape/size of the connection pins. Your dangles, extensions, and pixels must be the SAME type, or you will need an adapter. 


RGB Pixie Controllers (Assembled) & Pixielink

RGB Pixie Controllers (Assembled) & Pixielink

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