RGB Strings 12V - 50 Count Squares 4" - LOR End Connector

SKU: 12V-Square-Black-2811WEC-50-LOR

12V Square Pixel Strings for the Pixie 4, Pixie 8, Pixie16 and Pixcon16. Choose from White or Black wire. Dangles NOT installed. Adapter required to use with xconnect dangles.

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50 Square RGB Pixels per string at 4" spacing, spanning approximately 16.67 feet when used at maximum spacing. Available in black or white wire. Pixels come with 'LOR' end connectors on both ends. Need a strand of 100? Just buy two sets of 50 lights and connect them together.

Pixels are 3 wire - WS2811 controlled. Can be controlled by LOR Pixie 4, 8, or 16 controllers and the Pixcon16.

If you do not own (or are not currently purchasing) an Assembled Pixel Controller WITH dangles along with this pixel strand purchase, you should also add dangles to your cart along with this purchase, one for each strand of pixels that needs to directly connect to the controller (vs being an addon to another strand). There should be one dangle per port of your controller between the controller and the pixels. See the diagram for more information.

  • Voltage = 12V
  • Wattage = 15W
  • Resistor Pixels
  • IP68 rating for outdoor use
  • Standard 12mm adapter for use in snap in applications.