ServoDog 8-Channel Servo Controller

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Use servos for some moving animation!

The ServoDog is more than just an eight channel servo board. The eight channels can run either in servo mode or as standard logic level outputs to power low current items such as LEDs or solid state relays. In addition, two of the channels can be configured as high current PWM channels with their own power input to run DC motors, LED spotlights and many other low voltage DC devices.

Two 3 amp voltage regulators are on-board to power the servos. The regulators are adjustable so you can pick the correct voltage for you servo application. Channels 1-4 are powered by one regulator and 5-8 are powered by the other.

What can you control with a ServoDog controller? The ServoDog can give you fine control of two servos making this a great controller for any type of robotics work. The controller also has six binary input channels and can be configured for multiple output channels.