Singing Christmas Tree - Ralphie

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One of four fully assembled singing Christmas tree props (Ralphie). Singing Faces are created with coro and square pixel notes. See "Details" tab for pictures.


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Ralphie The Singing Tree

This package includes a fully assembled singing face with a controller – no customer assembly is required. All of the pixels are already inserted into the plastic and the singing tree will be delivered ready to be mounted to your choice of frame or support when it arrives. Each character uses 190-200 smart pixels based on two 100 pixel strings. Pixel spacing is 1-2″ depending on location.

Dimensions (for frame building): 42"h by 39"w

Read more about set up instructions for your face by clicking here.

Each singing face character is controlled by an outdoor rated, weatherproof Pixie2 controller with built-in power supply. Just connect the Pixie2 to your existing standard Light-O-Rama data network with a Cat5, tweak your musical sequences to add in these talking/singing characters (or buy our pre-made sequences) and you’re good to go. 

These characters can be controlled using a standard PC set up (with a USB485 adapter) or with any of our Showtime Directors. If you are using these Singing Faces with any sequences purchased from our sequence store, they should be connected to your “Regular” computer network or “Net 1” Showtime Director network.

See the “V1 vs V2 Mouth Mode” tab to learn about using this face in 4-mouth mode to add to complete a V1 quartet of singing faces.

If you already own a Singing Pumpkin and would like to purchase this Tree without the Pixie2 controller, please contact our helpdesk for assistance with a custom order. Firmware and Controller changes are required.

Note: Software is not included. We recommend that you purchase the Generic Starter Package to receive the software at a discount if you don't already have a license. The Advanced Version of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite is required to use Standalone singing face sequences from our store. The Pro Version of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite is required to use RGBPlus sequences (which include effects for singing faces).