Easy Light Linker (Pair)


Wirelessly connect your PC to outdoor controllers for convenience and safety. This is a PAIR of Easy Light Linkers. Using Pixels? See "Using Pixels" in description.

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10ft Cat5 (x2)
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The RF-V5 Easy Light Linker is as easy to use as plugging in a network cable. Wirelessly connect your PC to outdoor controllers for convenience and safety. Each controller can have its own RF-V5 or groups of controllers can share a single RV-V5. Use the ELLs to work with neighbors to create a widespread coordinated show!

The RF-V5 is certified for use in the United States and Canada. This price includes two Wireless Units and two 10' Cat5 patch cables. Cat5 cables may be removed rom this package if you already own Cat5s.

Important Usage information: Power: If you are connecting the ELL directly to a PC with no other LOR controllers connected to the PC then you will need the RS485B (voltage booster version) of our USB adapter. In general if there is a LOR controller connected to an ELL via a CAT5 cable the ELL will get power from the controller via the CAT5 cable.

Connections: requires a minimum of two (2) EasyLight Linkers (ELLs) to make a connection. See the "Details" tab for more information and diagrams. 

Range: The ELLs have about a 1000 foot outdoor range. (It will vary higher or lower with terrain.) Keep them at least 6 feet off the ground and with no obstructions (buildings or trees) between them when possible.

WARNING --- USING PIXELS The ELLs do not support the high speeds and ELOR protocol required for pixels. You CANNOT use ELLs on a network with Pixie controllers. (Our Deluxe and RGBPlus Sequences at their defaults are not compatible with ELLs due to the effects included)  They work great with our 16 channel CTB16PC controllers, RGB flood lights (CMB24D), and Singing Trees. (Like Traditional Layout sequences)

PIXEL OPTION You can connect Multi-network G4 show directors together with ELLs. This allows you to split your pixel show across multiple directors which are synchronized via ELLs. This option requires an N4-G4-MP3 ShowTime Director.