Our "CPC" Packages include the "Coro, Pixels, and Controller" you need to easily add smart pixel props into to your display. These packages can be connected to an existing network of Gen3 Light-O-Rama Controllers, or used on a separate network within the same show. A Cat5 cable is required to connect any of these controllers to existing controllers in a multi-controller network, or a computer/showtime director if it is the only Unit in the show.

Already have a Pixie controller? Our Prop Packages just include the Coro and Pixels.

S5.6.8 or higher is recommended for easiest use. Downloadable prop files are available within the LOR S5 Sequencer. A Pro license level is required to use Pixel Motion Effects and create your own effects for these props. 

All products in this collection are included in our RGBPlus Sequences (Available October 2022). These props are NOT included in our Traditional Sequence Layout. When set to the correct Unit ID and plugged into the right network  (provided on the instructions sent with each package and included in the online product description), your props will work with RGBPlus sequence without any software modification. An N4-G4-Mp3 Director is required to use every CPC Package available in the same sequence.

To use these packages with an N2-N4-Mp3 Director or Mini Director, you may need to alter Prop Networks in the software. Learn more here.

CPC Packages and Prop Packages

CPC Packages and Prop Packages