Smart RGB strings mean you can control every bulb, and turn it any color. All lights in this collection are 12V and compatible with our 12V Pixie2 (CCR-II), Pixie4, Pixie8, Pixie16, and Aurora Core Controllers. 

You can purchase pixels with 'LOR End Connectors' or 'Xconnect End Connectors,' but if you need to mix and match dangles types and pixels types, make sure that you purchase an 'LOR to Xconnect' or 'Xconnect to LOR' Adapter from this page to go between.

All of our CPC packages (not in this collection) have 'LOR Style End Connectors.'. You will need an 'LOR to Xconnectadapter to connect to newly purchased xconnect style pixels or extensions.

One 'dangle' is required per port of your controller to connect to the first strand of pixels connected to that port. See the picture below (also available for viewing on every smart pixel page).

These pixel devices can NOT be plugged into the Original Cosmic Color Pixel/Ribbon Controllers or to any AC Controllers (like the CTB16PC).

For complete product packages, assembled and tested, shop our RGB Controller and Pixel Packages.

RGB Bullets, Squares, Bulbs, Ribbons

RGB Bullets, Squares, Bulbs, Ribbons

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