Smart RGB strings mean any color, any time! With our smart bullets, squares, ribbons and bulbs, you can control the color of every bulb individually (made easier with our Sequencer and Superstar software!) For flood lights, each flood can be turned any color as well.

All lights in this collection are 12V and compatible with our 12V Pixie2 (CCR-II), Pixie4, Pixie8, Pixie16, and Pixcon16 devices. For 5V controllers, please visit our "Discontinued and Legacy Products" section. These pixel devices are NOT compatible with the Original Cosmic Color Pixel/Ribbon Controllers.

All products are IP68 rating for outdoor use and come with water proof connectors installed so you can connect multiple strands of pixels end to end. If you plan to connect to Light-O-Rama pixel controllers and did NOT purchase installed dangles with your assembled controller, you should purchase pixel strands with dangles installed for each strand that will directly connect to your controller.  

Lead wire and dangle give about 7' reach.

For complete products, assembled and tested, shop our RGB Controller and Pixel Packages.

RGB Pixels, Bulbs, Ribbons, and Floods

RGB Pixels, Bulbs, Ribbons, and Floods