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If you have never owned a Light-O-Rama software license, this is where you need to start.

Please note that you can get the software FREE or at a discount when purchasing any starter package.

Do NOT purchase a new license if you just need to upgrade your license to a new level. Your license key never expires and can always be upgraded.

Software is DOWNLOAD Only. No physical software CD will be shipped. Please check your email for download instructions after purchase.


Basic Plus
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Our Light-O-Rama software suite is the key to turning your dreams of creating a synchronized light show into a reality. It all begins in the Preview Editor of the LOR S6 Sequencer, where you'll use our simple and intuitive interface to design your layout. Once you've put all of your props in place, you'll use the Sequencer itself to let your imagination run free and create one-of-a kind "sequences" for your home or venue, using any song you choose.

Start by using one of our many audio wizards (like the beat, tapper or VU wizard) to create your timings. Then, choose from a variety of effect options for standard lights ("AC Channels"), colors and intensities for dumb and smart pixel lights, or tap into our built-in motion effect generator with the Pro license to create thousands of unique effects for your smart pixel props. Not interested in creating your own sequences? Don't worry - we have an entire store of light shows for you to choose from just in case.

After you've created (or purchased) all of your sequences, you'll use our Control Panel  to create your playlist and schedule for the season. You can choose to play your show in a continuous loop, or set your sequences to play when triggered by motion detectors, switches, or other devices.

If you don't want to dedicate a computer to running your schedule, no problem, just use the Light-O-Rama software to write your playlist to an SD card for use with one of our Showtime Directors - push the card in then sit back and watch your shows play all season long.

If you need more help understanding which license level to purchase or the basics of working with our system, take a look at this starter guide. 

How Long Is My License Good For? What is an 'Active' License?

A license purchase grants you access to use the software version available at the time of your purchase forever - no yearly fees or additional purchases required. This is different from your license level (Basic, Basic+, Standard, Advanced, or Pro), which determines how MANY lights you can control.

If you purchased a license when S5 was the latest available version (before August 22, 2022), you have access to use any version of S5 forever, no additional fees. Your license is considered an "Active S5 License."

If you purchased a license when S6 is the latest available version (on or after August 22, 2022), you have access to use any version of S6 forever, no additional fees. Your license is considered an "Active S6 License."

To download the next Major Release (such as S6 if you purchased during S5), you will need to purchase a Major Release Upgrade. This is not required to continue using your current S5 software. You may always keep using the version available at the time of your original purchase with no additional cost. 

If you purchase a license and we release the next MAJOR version within one year (such as the future 'S7'), you will be able to use the first versions of that Major Release (S7) as a grandfathered part of your purchase. If additional versions of S7 are released more than one year later, you will need to purchase a Major Release Upgrade to download those later versions.

Can I Sell or Return My License Key?

Software licenses are non-transferrable and may not be sold to third parties. Your full name and email address must match your license key information in order to receive support from our help desk. Once a software license has been activated on any computer, you are no longer eligible for a refund on your software purchase. To 'try before you buy,' download our free demo.