Sequence Layouts

Sequence Layouts

RGBPlus Sequences - Available In October 2022

More information about customizing the RGBPlus Sequences and modifying prop dimensions will be available later this fall before sequences are released. Learn about modifying networks and Unit IDs now by clicking here. Props are available for import via the "Add" then "Light-O-Rama Props (Online)" Menu of the preview Editor.

Sequence FAQs (like pricing and discount policies) are located at the bottom of this page, after the CPC Package configuration information.

A minimum of 25 of our most popular sequences will be released for the RGBPlus layout this October, including all sequences from our TSO Signature Series SD card. MotionPaks will no longer be available for purchase in October 2022. Singing Face sequences will be sold as standalone sequence options that can be added to your personal sequences or YCM sequences.

RGBPlus sequences include effects for the AC controllers included in the TSO and Showtime Central Starter Packages. The SD Cards recieved with these packages in past purchases do NOT contain effects for any new CPC (Coro, Pixel, Controller) Packages. A new SD card must be purchased once RGBPlus versions are released. See more information about discounts for previously purchased cards at the bottom of this page.

The titles of the sequences slated for release will be announced in mid September.

RGBPlus Sequence Sample Video

RGBPlus Sequence Sample Video

First Sequences Available October 2022

Included Props and Channels

RGBPlus Sequences contain sequencing for 64 AC channels (CTB16PC or LOR160x controllers), 4 channels of AC strobes (not pictured), 16 RGB flood lights, a set of four RGB singing faces, and 12 new sets of smart RGB props, sold as "CPC" kits, which contain the "Coro, Pixels, and Controller" you need in order to add the smart pixel props to your show. (The 12th set is a 32x50 Pixel Tree - not pictured.)

Take a look at the picture below to see our recommended layout and prop organization.

RGBPlus Layout Props
Prop import menu

Importing a CPC Package

Within your Preview, click the green "Add" button at the top, then select the option "Light-O-Rama Props (Online)." You will see a menu of all of our importable Pixel Props from CPC Packages. The Networks and Unit IDs are already set to match the RGBPlus Sequence Defaults. Learn more about altering networks or Unit IDs to fit your custom display by clicking here.

Scale for advanced shapes

Moving and Resizing Props

Most props can be moved by clicking the holding the mouse button, then moving the prop to a new location. Props can be resized by clicking one of the red square handles that appear on the corners of the prop when it is selected.

Snowflakes, Spinners, and Candy Canes are specially drawn shapes that match the wiring diagram on the CPC Props and allow for additional Motion Effect use that standard imports of these shapes do not. To resize Snowflakes, Spinners, or Candy Canes, use the "Scale" tab in the bottom left of the Preview Editor.

CPC Prop Kit Unit ID Assignments and Orientation

To use EVERY pixel prop available in the RGBPlus sequences, an N4-G4-MP3 Director is required. Depending on how many CPC packages you own, you may be able to use a Mini Director or N2-G4-MP Director if you alter the assigned networks and / or Unit IDs. Default configuration instructions for each CPC package can be found below, or in the directions that will ship with your purchase.

  8 Mini Trees with Star (100 Node)

  8 Mini Arches (25 Node)

  40 Pixel Stakes (5 Node)

  4 Snowflakes (48 Node)

  4 Spinners (100 Node)

  4 Candy Canes (48 Node)

  20x40 Matrix (800 Node)

  4 Rooflines (100 Nodes Each)

  4 Frames (100 Nodes Each)

  Pixel Tree (16x25) with Topper

  Pixel Tree (16x50) with Topper

  Pixel Tree (32x50 with Topper)

  MegaPack - 4 Snowflakes and 4 Spinners

  MegaPack - 4 Mini Trees, 8 Mini Arches, 40 Pixel Stakes

Pricing and Upgrade Information

  RGBPlus Sequence Pricing

  Motion Pak Discontinuation and Incorporation

  Upgrade from C68P32 Sequences - First RGBPlus Sequence Release

  Future RGBPlus Sequence Releases - Upgrade Opportunities