Sequence Layouts

Sequence Layouts

Light-O-Rama Sequence Layouts

Our store sequences are available in two formats: Traditional or RGBPlus. A Deluxe layout is available on SD card playlists only. Singing Face Standalone Sequences are also available for purchase.

Traditional and Deluxe Layout sequences at default settings will work with a MiniDirector, N2-G4 Director, or N4-G4 Director. RGBPlus sequences left at their default settings require an N4-G4-MP3 for full use of every pixel prop included. Showtime Centrals with MiniDirectors will not be able to operate most RGBPlus smart pixel props if left at default settings. Click here to learn about modifying the defaults.

Click here to learn more about upgrading from an RTG to YCM sequence with an 'unlock upgrade,' or how to recieve an exchange credit for an RGBPlus sequence if you purchased the RTG/YCM version in the one season 'grace period' before the RGBPlus version was available.


Traditional Layout: (RTG-Non Editable) {$24.99}
Traditional Layout: (YCM-Modifiable) {$49.99}

Deluxe Layout - RTG or YCM
(SD Cards Only)
{Price Varies per card}

RGBPlus Layout: (Modifiable) {$74.99}
"Non-Editable" version not available

64 AC Channels (4 AC Controllers)

4 AC Channels of Strobes

8 RGB 10W Floods

8 RGB 50W Floods

4 V1 Singing Faces

4 V2 Singing Faces

16x25 Smart RGB Mega Tree

16x50 Smart RGB Mega Tree

32x50 Smart RGB Mega Tree

Star Topper for 16x25 RGB Tree

Star Topper for 16x50 RGB Tree

Star Topper for 32x50 RGB Tree

20x40 Smart RGB Matrix

Smart RGB Roofline Segments

Smart RGB Window Frames

4 Smart RGB Snowflakes

Smart RGB Spinners

Smart RGB Candy Canes 

40 Smart RGB Pixel Stakes

Smart RGB Mini Arches

Smart RGB Mini Trees

RGBPlus Sequence Demo Video

RGBPlus Sequence Demo Video

RGBPlus Layout

RGBPlus Sequences contain sequencing for 64 AC channels (CTB16PC or LOR160x controllers), 4 channels of AC strobes (not pictured), 16 RGB flood lights, a set of four RGB singing faces, and 12 new sets of smart RGB props, sold as "CPC" kits, which contain the "Coro, Pixels, and Controller" you need in order to add the smart pixel props to your show. (The 12th set is a 32x50 Pixel Tree - not pictured.)

This layout is a great option if you intend to add smart RGB to your display. Get everything in one purchase so you never have to worry about bying a new sequence as you add on new props - all of the effects will be right there in your original sequence purchase.

Sequencing effects for the AC controllers and Flood lights have either been altered or completely redone in the RGBPlus version of a sequence. The RGBPlus version is a DIFFERENT layout with DIFFERENT effects and is not considered a direct upgrade.

Learn more about the one season grace period for 'Exchanging' an RTG or YCM sequence if the RGBPlus version is released after your Traditional Layout RTG/YCM purchase by clicking here.

Full use of an RGBPlus sequence with no networking modifications requires that you have an N4-G4-Mp3 Director or 4 USB-48-HS Adapters. If you have fewer props learn about modifying networks and Unit IDs for use with a Mini Director or N2-G4 Director by clicking here.

Deluxe Layout (SD Cards Only)

The Deluxe Layout on our 6 pre-loaded SD card shows contains sequencing for all of the elements in the traditional layout, plus effects for four V1 singing trees and two pixel mega trees (16x25 and 16x50; star toppers not included). This sequence layout is available in ready-to-go (non-modifiable) and you-can-modify format when you order your SD card.

This is a great layout option if you have a traditional Christmas display with basic RGB additions.

Traditional "Typical" Layout

This layout contains sequencing for four full AC controllers, 4 additional channels of AC strobes, and 32 dumb RGB channels (like flood lights!) This is a great layout option if you intend to stay with a traditional Christmas display. If you purchase the "You Can Modify" version of a Traditional sequence, you can duplicate these effects as many times as you want - instead of only 4 AC controllers, you can add up to 240 controllers! This layout does NOT contain any smart RGB effects.

CPC Prop Kit Unit ID Assignments and Orientation (for RGBPlus Seqeunces)

To use EVERY pixel prop available in the RGBPlus sequences, an N4-G4-MP3 Director or four USB Adapters is required. Depending on how many CPC packages you own, you may be able to use a Mini Director or N2-G4-MP Director (or less adapters) if you only purchase props located on one or two networks by default, or you alter the assigned networks and / or Unit IDs. Default configuration instructions for each CPC package can be found below, or in the directions that will ship with your purchase.

  8 Mini Trees with Star (100 Node)

  8 Mini Arches (25 Node)

  40 Pixel Stakes (5 Node)

  4 Snowflakes (48 Node)

  4 Spinners (100 Node)

  4 Candy Canes (48 Node)

  20x40 Matrix (800 Node)

  4 Rooflines (100 Nodes Each)

  4 Frames (100 Nodes Each)

  Pixel Tree (16x25) with Topper

  Pixel Tree (16x50) with Topper

  Pixel Tree (32x50 with Topper)

  MegaPack - 4 Snowflakes and 4 Spinners

  MegaPack - 4 Mini Trees, 8 Mini Arches, 40 Pixel Stakes