Pixel Extensions - 12V - 3 Pin - LOR End Connector

SKU: Ext-12V-3Pin-Green-5ft

Pixel extensions for Light-O-Rama 12V pixels. Select a color and length from the option below.


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Green 5ft - 12V - 3 Pin
Black 5 ft - 12V - 3 Pin
White 5ft - 12V - 3 Pin
Green 10ft - 12V - 3 Pin
Black 10ft - 12V - 3 Pin
White 10ft - 12V - 3 Pin
Green 15ft - 12V - 3 Pin
Black 15ft - 12V - 3 Pin
White 15ft - 12V - 3 Pin
Green 25ft - 12V - 3 Pin
Black 25ft - 12V - 3 Pin
White 25ft - 12V - 3 Pin
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Pixel extensions are for Light-O-Rama 12V Bullet Pixels, Square Pixels, Bulbs and Ribbons and have 'LOR Connector' style ends. THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH ORIGINAL CCR-RIBBONS, ORIGINAL CCB-BULBS and ORIGINAL CCP-PIXELS. Do not look at the dangle, rather look at the wire between pixels or bulbs on your string, if there are Three Conductors (Wires), you can use these extensions. If there are Four Conductors (wires) then the pixels cannot be extended! All 12V devices can be extended.

To learn more about extension limits for pixel devices, visit this help page.

Extensions are only for use with Light-O-Rama's RGB controllers and Light-O-Rama's RGB lights. We cannot guess how other RGB lights and/or RGB controllers will work.