Upgrading to S6: Truth or Myth?

Upgrading to S6: Truth or Myth?

What Can You Expect When Upgrading To S6?

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  "I don't use pixels, so there's no reason for me to upgrade to S6"

  "If I upgrade to S6, I will lose all of my past sequences and have to re-create them all from scratch."

  "The transition from S4 to S5 was complicated, so S5 to S6 is going to be complicated too."

  "Once I convert my S4/S3/S2 files to S6, they'll get deleted or overwritten, so I can't go back to S4 even if I want to."

  "I have to have a "Preview" in order to use my sequences in S6."

  "I bought my controllers 10 years ago, so they won't work with S6."

  "I'm on S2/S3/S4. The layout of the Sequencer is going to look different in S6."

  "I'm on S2, which means I have to pay the $29.95 upgrade price for every version between S2 and S6."

  "Converting S4 sequences to S5 format was complicated, and it's still that way in S6."