So you want to start a Light Show...

... But Where Do You Begin?

Light-O-Rama products are designed to be user friendly and take the hard work off your plate. No electrical engineering degree necessary to use Light-O-Rama! Stay with our ready-to-go set ups or explore all the features and options to make a custom DIY display.

Here's the quick "picture and 3 paragraph" guide of what you need to know to get started. If you've already done a bit of research and know what kind of lights you want in your display, CLICK HERE FOR HELP PICKING A STARTER PACKAGE NOW.

If you want more details about our products first or still aren't sure what you type of lights might be best for the vision you have for your display, follow the question prompts on this page after the picture below, or learn more about our products by WATCHING THIS 5 MINUTE VIDEO.

The Quick Guide To a Light-O-Rama Light Show

How Does It All Connect?

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You'll either use a computer or one of our standalone Showtime Directors and an SD Card to run your light show (you pick!) Use an FM Transmitter or Speakers so your guests can hear the music.

Plug a special USB Adapter from our store into your computer so that your computer and controllers can speak the same light show language. Then, you'll use Cat5 cables to daisy chain each controller you have in your display. Some controllers control traditional LED lights, and some control RGB 'pixels.' You can have both kinds of lights in your display at once; Just use the right controller.

To make your lights actually go to the music, you'll either create or buy 'sequences.' You can even use our software to virtually draw your house/venue on your computer (a 'preview') so you can get a sneak peak of what the show will look like. Lastly, use our software to make your schedule: choose start/stop times and the order your songs will play.

That's it!

Need Help Learning About The Options? Click on the Question Prompt Below To Get Started!

There are two common types of lights: "Traditional" LED lights from Home Depot, Walmart, etc., and smart RGB "pixels" that can turn any color and make patterns on your props. If you saw a "Cool display on YouTube," you probably saw smart RGB. Many people have a mixture of both kinds of lights! This page will walk you through our products in more detail and explain the concepts of how it all goes together.

If you've already done your research to know what you want and just want to skip to purchasing products, CLICK HERE, otherwise, follow the prompt below to learn what Light-O-Rama can do!

What do you want on YOUR house? (Click an answer)

Here's a Basics Tutorial About Which Lights Plug Into Which Controllers!

Here's a Basics Tutorial About Which Lights Plug Into Which Controllers!

(And How To Connect Them Together!)

Mixed Traditional & RGB Displays

Blending the two most common types of lights is the best of both worlds when it comes to creating a light show. Traditional LED or Incandescent Lights help you fill SPACE on your home and are great options for bushes, columns, live trees, traditional mega trees, or wireframe props.

Smart RGB pixel props are DENSE so you can create intricate effects with your lights. Mixing traditional lights and pixel lights lets you buy the "wow factor" smart RGB props for those cool effects, then fill up large areas in your display with traditional lights so you don't break the bank on your display.

Learn which of our products controls what lights by reading below.

Traditional Light Displays

The 'Residential Series' CTBPC16-ReadyToGo controllers are perfect for residential homes. We recommend our Pro Series 160x controllers for commercial environments.

Each of these controllers has 16 plugs, or "channels," so you can have 16 different things in your display per controller synced up to the music. Our starter packages are a great way to get everything you need for a traditional light show at a discount. You can easily add smart RGB controllers to your display in the future if you purchase one of these starter packages.

The Showtime Central Starter Packages come with a bonus item - a Showtime Director! Many people use a laptop computer to run their light show, but a showtime director can take its place and run your whole show from an SD card.

What do you want to use to control your light show? (Find out which package you should buy)

  I have a Windows based computer I can use run my show

  I don't have/don't want to dedicate a computer to my show for the whole season. I want a Showtime Director/SD Card to run my show.

Smart RGB Displays

Pixel lights come in Smart RGB and Dumb RGB. Dumb RGB can be turned any color but there's no movement, like flood lights. Smart RGB means the lights on the strand can chase back and forth AND turn any color.

Our RGB Starter Packages for a Computer or Showtime Director (SD Card) Show give you all of the basic things you need to get started (Like a software license!) Then, you just need to add any of our pixel packages to your cart to go with your Starter Package. Our RGB "CPC" Packages, all come with Coro props, Pixels, and a Controller: The easiest way to get started with Smart RGB. Click here to watch a video about CPC Packages.

If you're excited to create your OWN light shows for your own music and have ideas for custom RGB props, take a look at our "Build Your Own" packages that come with just the pixel controller and lights.

We also have Singing Faces you can add into the mix!

What do you want to use to control your Smart RGB or Mixed Light Show? (Find out which package you should buy)

  I have a Windows based computer I can use to run my show

  I don't have/don't want to dedicate a computer to my show for the whole season. I want a Showtime Director/SD Card to run my show.

Shop for Smart RGB!

Ready to Use Sequences ("Light Shows to Music")

If you don't want to create light shows yourself, we can help! We have premade sequences for multiple layouts and over 300 songs to choose from! You can also purchase a ready-to-go SD card full of popular songs if you are using a Showtime Director instead of a computer to run your show. See a video example of our shows here!

Choose from three layouts: Traditional, Deluxe, or RGBPlus. See what props are included in each by clicking here. After you purchase sequences, our tutorials can help you schedule your show, or modify the sequences to match your layout.

Shop For Sequences

Creating Your Own Sequences ("Light Shows to Music")

Software Download

If you want to plan more before you buy, download the demo version of our software first. You can start designing your display and props virtually, then buy the equipment you need. You can also start creating sequences. The demo software can't control real lights, but purchasing a license later on will allow you to use anything you've created with the demo.

Higher license levels unlock more features. If you plan to use pixels, you'll need the 'Pro' license. For above and beyond individual light control, consider our optional add-on Superstar software.

Build a Preview

A preview is the virtual representation of your display so that you can see how your light show effects will look before you set everything up outside. You can learn more about building a preview using our online help file or watching video tutorials.

Creating Sequences

Once you’ve created your virtual layout or “preview” in the software, you’re ready to start working on your own sequences. Choose any audio file, then use your imagination to create effects for the lights in your display!

Our software allows you to organize your props into groups for easier sequencing, create multiple timing tracks per song, and create a wide variety of effects for both traditional and RGB lights. For more help understanding the Sequencer and all of the options, you can read more in our online help file or watch video tutorials online.

Scheduling Your Shows


To run shows from your computer using Light-O-Rama S6, you'll create a playlist and schedule your show all through the Light-O-Rama Control Panel.

To run shows from your computer using Light-O-Rama S5, you’ll create a playlist using the Show Editor, then set scheduled times for your playlist (or multiple playlists) using the Schedule Editor.

Learn More about the Show Editor: Online Help Documentation or Video Tutorial
Learn More about the Schedule Editor: Online Help Documentation or Video Tutorial

ShowTime Director

Our Showtime Central Package, and RGB Starter Package - Director come with a Showtime Director already, meaning you'll use an SD card (like our pre-loaded options) to play your show. Just connect your controllers to the right networks. To create a custom playlist for the SD Card, you’ll use the Light-O-Rama Hub if you're using S5, or the Light-O-Rama Control Panel if you're using S6. Learn more by using our online help documentation or watching video tutorials.

SD Card Requirements

If you need a backup card for your Showtime Director, we suggest Kingston or Gigastone Technology 4GB SDHC class 4 SD memory cards because they're rated to work at -20 degrees. SD or SDHC memory cards should be formatted as FAT16 or FAT32. SDXC memory cards (typically 64GB and higher) will not work unless the device is partitioned so the first partition is formatted as FAT32.

We do NOT recommend using class 2 memory cards.  Look for a 2 with a 'C' around it.  These are very slow cards and most have trouble keeping up with the demands from Light-O-Rama.

We do NOT recommend any SanDisk SDHC memory cards. Many of our customers have reported issues making them work in Light-O-Rama ShowTime Directors.


Light-O-Rama offers numerous FREE training and support options, including 70+ tutorial videos, nearly 800 pages of detailed software documentation, hardware manuals for every product, live Zoom Room Q&A sessions, the Official Light-O-Rama Facebook Group, the Official Light-O-Rama Forums, and free support via all tickets submitted to the Help Desk.

If you need help with installation, layout design, or custom light shows for you to any song you choose, try contacting one of our LOR-Expert Partners.

Good luck with your first season, and thank you for considering Light-O-Rama!