Select-A-Prop Commercial Animation Package


Package Includes: N4-G4-Mp3 Director, USB SD card reader/writer, Select-A-Prop Commercial Animation SD Card


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Package Includes:

  • N4-G4-Mp3 Director
  • USB SD card reader/writer
  • Select-A-Prop Commercial Animation SD Card

The Select-A-Prop Commercial Animation package is the perfect choice for commercial venues who want to build and showcase props made of smart RGB pixels without the time requirements (or budget) of having a whole show synchronized to music.

Start by choosing from one of 11 prop shapes/sizes (180° Trees, 360° Trees, Vertical Matrices, Tunnel Arches), purchase the associated Pixie series controllers and smart pixels, then follow the instructions on the page of your chosen prop shape in our User Guide to set the controller’s Unit ID numbers and connect it to the included N4-G4-Mp3.

Width and Height is determined by how far apart you space your pixels. For example, 2" spacing on a Mega Tree with 50 pixels per strand will give you a height of approx. 8 feet. Spacing your pixels 6" apart would make your 50-pixel-per-strand Mega Tree approx. 25 feet tall.

Insert the SD card and let your guests enjoy a 10-minute animation of different smart pixel effects that will repeat over and over throughout the night until you cut the power.

Broadcast your own music or just tap into the local radio station; no need to limit yourself to three or four musically-synchronized shows, especially if you’re on a time crunch for the season – use any playlist of music you want to go with this pre-sequenced animation!

Note: This package does not include Pixie controllers or smart pixels. After you add this package to your cart, you must also purchase the associated Pixie series controllers and smart pixels required to play the animation file on this card if you do not already own the equipment.