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  • Simple, intuitive interface with powerful wizards
  • Audio and video synchronization
  • Audio wave form displays sound levels
  • Support for Most Media File Types
  • Sequence-in-Sequence
  • Transparent DMX support
  • Background and Foreground effects
  • Floating tool palettes speed sequencing
  • Virtual Test Console for real-time control
  • Undo & Redo of ALL Sequence Editor functions
  • For complete control, use the Show Editor & Sequence Editor to setup your shows -OR-
  • Use the SimpleShowBuilder to quickly setup the most common show and schedule options
  • Interactive shows can be triggered by motion detectors, pressure mats and other switches
  • Beat Wizard will automatically set timings in the sequence
  • Powerfull Visualization Window lets you create a virtual display with your house in the background.
  • Commercial shows with over 300,000 channels have been sequenced and run successfully with this software
Based on a rock solid core that has been in use for over 17 years, the new wizards and tools in the ShowTime Designer Software Suite make creation of sequences quicker and easier than ever.


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Product Features Demo Basic Basic Plus Standard Advanced  Pro
General Items            
FREE with Starter Packages*          
DISCOUNT with Starter Package Purchase**      
Phone Support  
Email Support  
Free Upgrades (minor releases)  
Free Major Upgrades (one year)  
Customer Forum Access  
Controllers Supported*** 0 2 4 8 Unlimited Unlimited
Sequence Editor            
Automatic Beat Detection  
Audio Wave Form Visualization  
Lighting Layout Visualizer  
Timing Tapper Wizard  
Musical Sequences  
Animation Sequences  
Channel Configuration Printout  
Floating Tool Palettes  
Hot Key Support  
Full Undo/Redo  
Full featured vector based visualizer  
VU - Audio Level Wizard  
MIDI File Wizard  
Sub-sequence (sequence-in-sequence)  
Full Access XML Data Storage    
Windowed Video Playback      
Full Screen Video Playback          
Multiple Network Support          
Native DMX Intensity          
Native DMX Dongle Support (16 Universes)          
Protected Sequences (secured)          
Show Editor and Scheduler            
Day of SchedulingWeek   
Calendar scheduling  
Simple Show Builder/Scheduler  
Fixed or Random Shuffle  
Advanced Show Builder  
Background Sequence  
Startup/Shutdown Sequences  
User Interactive Shows  
Execute Windows Shell Commands          
Advanced Show Startup Options          
Utility Programs            
LOR Configuration Verifier  
Real-time Light Console    
Hardware Test and Configuration    
Standalone Animation Download    
MP3 Director Show Builder (SD card)  
Hardware Support            
Light-O-Rama Controllers (and copies)    
DMX Fixtures (via the iDMX1000)  
DMX Dongles (up to 16 Universes)          
Measurement Computing DIO Cards          
X10 Devices (via CM11A)          
Dasher Devices          
Advanced Pixel Control
 E1.31 Protocol Support
Enhanced  Pixel Protocol Support
Advanced Pixel Editor
Enhanced Intensity File Storage
    $49.95* $69.95** $99.95** $139.95** $189.95**
note * Basic Software is FREE with Generic, 16 and 32 Channel Starter Package.
note ** Basic+, Standard, Advanced and Pro versions are free or discounted in all Starter Packages.
note *** Basic supports Unit IDs '01' & '02'; Basic+ '01', '02', '03' & '04'.......
Feature is active for evaluation but changes cannot be saved.
Program is available but some features are disabled.
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