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Our Light-O-Rama software suite is the key to turning your dreams of creating a synchronized light show into a reality. It all begins in the Preview Editor of the LOR S5 Sequencer, where you'll use our simple and intuitive interface to design your layout, draw your props, and easily make changes and additions as you grow year after year. Once you've put all of your props in place, you'll use the Sequencer itself to let your imagination run free and create one-of-a kind "sequences" for your home or venue, using any song you choose. Start by using one of our many audio wizards (like the beat, tapper or VU wizard) to create your timings so that your effects can be perfectly in sync with the music, or just create a basic fixed grid if you only need to create a simple animation. Then, choose from a variety of effect options for standard lights ("AC Channels"), colors and intensities for dumb and smart pixel lights, or tap into our built-in motion effect generator with the Pro license to create thousands of unique effects for your smart pixel props. Not interested in creating your own sequences? Don't worry - we have an entire store of light shows for you to choose from just in case.

After you've created (or purchased) all of your sequences, you'll head to our Show Editor and Schedule Editor to create your playlist and schedule for the season. You can choose to play your show in a loop (with special startup, shutdown, or background sequences), or set your sequences to play when triggered by motion detectors, switches, or other devices so that you can let your audience interact and feel like they're a part of the show. If you don't want to dedicate a computer to running your schedule, no problem, just use the Light-O-Rama Hub to write your playlist to an SD card for use with one of our Showtime Directors - push the card in then sit back and watch your shows play all season long.

If you need more help understanding which license level to purchase or the basics of working with our system, take a look at the table below or follow the "I'm New, What Do I Do?" guide under the "Getting Started" tab on our main website. If you're planning to use smart pixels, the Pro license level is the way to go. For more information about our software suite, you can read more in depth about feature options on our website or watch video tutorials online.

Details Demo Basic Basic Plus Standard Advanced Pro
FREE with Starter Packages*
DISCOUNT with Hardware Purchase**
Helpdesk Support
Free Upgrades (minor releases)
Free Major Upgrades (one year)
Customer Forum Access
Controllers Supported*** 0 2 4 8 Unlimited Unlimited
Tracks or Grid Views Supported 2 2 2 4 Unlimited Unlimited
Sequences Supported Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sequencer Demo Basic Basic Plus Standard Advanced Pro
Build Unlimited Sequences
Automatic Beat Detection Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20
Audio Wave Form Visualization
Visualizer/Previewer Layout Simulation
Timing Tapper Wizard
Musical Sequences
Animation Sequences (no music)
Channel Configuration Printout with ShowTime Designer Classic
Floating Tool Palettes
Hot Key Support
Full Undo/Redo
VU - Audio Level Wizard Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20
MIDI File Wizard Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20
Sub-sequence (sequence-in-sequence) Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20
Full Access XML Data Storage (S5 LOREDIT, S4 LMS/LAS)
Windowed Video Playback
Full Screen Video Playback
Protected Sequence Creation
Multiple Network Support
Native DMX Devices
Native DMX Intensity
Enhanced LOR Protocol
Intensity Files
Advanced Pixel Control Demo Basic Basic Plus Standard Advanced Pro
Pixel motion effects for pixels and Cosmic Color Devices
Show Editor and Scheduler Demo Basic Basic Plus Standard Advanced Pro
Calendar Scheduling
Simple Show Builder/Scheduler
Fixed or Random Shuffle
Advanced Show Builder
Show on Demand
Background Sequence Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20
Startup/Shutdown Sequences Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20
User Interactive Shows Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20
Execute Windows Shell Commands
Advanced Show Startup Options
Utility Programs Demo Basic Basic Plus Standard Advanced Pro
LOR Configuration Verifier
Real-time Light Console
Hardware Test and Configuration
Standalone Animation Download
MP3 Director Show Builder (SD card)
Hardware Support Demo Basic Basic Plus Standard Advanced Pro
Light-O-Rama Controllers (and copies)
DMX via iDMX1000
DMX via Pixie4DMX
DMX via USB adapter
DMX via E1.31 (sACN)
X10 Devices (via CM11A) Classic only Classic only
Dasher Devices Classic only Classic only
Add-Ons**** Demo Basic Basic Plus Standard Advanced Pro
SuperStar for Pixels and Cosmic Color Devices Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20 Icon-Demo-58x20

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