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SPK-ST Generic Starter Package

Item# SPK-ST
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.

Create your own starter package! Purchase one or more controllers, add this package and you will be ready to go!

Starter Package Includes:

  • ShowTime License - Basic Version $49.95
  • USB485 adapter $29.95
  • USB Cable with filters $9.95*
  • 10' Cat5 Cable $3.95

*USB cable not required and not  included when you select the SC485 connector option.


Total Value: $93.80
Your Price: $43.85
Save $49.95!

The Basic License will allow you to control up to 2 LOR controllers (typically 32 channels). If you need to control more channels then take advantage of our discounted Upgrade Prices!


Click here for a Software Comparison
Click here for license FAQs.  
Download the software here. Do not download if you already have the demo software. Just enter your key to unlock the demo.

WOW! The basic license is FREE!**  Save more: It cost less to Upgrade to a higher version of the ShowTime Software when purchased with this Starter Package.

License Version Max Controllers Regular Price Additional Cost You Save!
Basic 2 $49.95 FREE** $49.95
Basic Plus 4 $69.95 $18.00 $51.95
Standard 8 $99.95 $45.00 $54.95
Advanced Unlimited $139.95 $69.00 $70.95
Pro Enhanced Pixel $189.95 $109.00 $80.95
IMPORTANT: This starter package MUST be purchased with a controller or kit.
** Basic Software License is free only with the purchase of this package and a controller or kit.
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