Christmas Easy Listening SD Card

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This SD card is pre-programmed with the sequences shown in the "Playlist" tab and set up to run any time you give a Showtime Director power (and stop when you take it away). If you want to rearrange the sequences (or add in additional ones you've purchased from our sequence store), no problem - all of the original sequence files are included on the SD card and can be easily moved to your PC.

If you select the modifiable version of a card, you can even make changes to the sequences and add in additional props that might be unique to your display. The layout includes sequencing for four full 16 channel AC controllers plus 4 AC channels of strobes, four sets of eight dumb RGB elements, a 16x25 smart pixel tree, and four singing faces (when applicable). 

If you're just starting out, we recommend purchasing a Showtime Central Starter Package to go with your SD card. The Showtime Central Starter Package includes all of the hardware you'd need to run the sequences on the SD card, an FM transmitter, and a Mini Showtime Director (This SD card can also be used with a larger N2-G4-MP3 or N4-G4-MP3 if you'd like to purchase one separately).

If you use one of the multi-network ShowTime MP3 Director, you can pick start and stop times using the menu on the MP3 director itself. Please note that this SD card does NOT include a Showtime Director or SD card reader/writer; you will need to purchase the components separately if you do not purchase the Showtime Central Starter Package

Important - This card runs at 500K. It requires Gen3 controllers and Directors. It does not support EasyLight Linker (wireless) communication.