Residential ShowTime Central Starter Package - Director Show

SKU: STC-Starter1|STC-Addon|CTB16PC-ReadyToGO|SD-CARD-32GB|lic-standard|USB485-HS|CAT-5E50FT

This package includes up to four 120v 16 channel controllers (traditional lights), Showtime Director, FM transmitter, a USB485 adapter, Cat5 cable, Pro software license, and a 32gb SD card.

Select the Mini Director for use with Traditional or Deluxe sequences, or the Upgraded N4-G4 option for use with RGBPlus sequences. (RGBPlus sequences with Mini Director require computer modification).

Use this package with your own sequences, or purchase ours!

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2 CTB16PCs
3 CTB16PCs
4 CTB16PCs
BASIC STC: Mini Director
UPGRADED STC: N4-G4 Director
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This package Includes:

  • One, Two, Three or Four 30 Amp CTB16PC ReadytoGo 16 channel light controllers 
  • Light-O-Rama Mini Director with MP3 Player (1 Network) OR Light-O-Rama N4-G4 Director (4 Networks) with MP3 Player
    • (N4-G4 required for "no-customer-computer-modifications-required" use with RGBPlus sequences and CPC Packages)
  • Blank 32gb SD card
  • FM transmitter ( 150' range )
  • ShowTime Suite Standard License (with Basic STC) or Pro License (with Upgraded STC)
  • USB485-HS Adapter and USB filtered cable
  • One 50' BLACK Cat5 cable per controller

This package gives you all the hardware you need for a first-year basic 16 channel show for Christmas, Halloween, or any other event (just use your own lights / props!). With this package, you can add on an additional three 16 channel controllers (for a total of four) If you want more controllers so you can add in your own extra sequencing, just add more controllers to your cart.

You CANNOT connect pixel lights to the plugs on the controller/s in this package. These controllers are for standard incandescent or LEDs ONLY. These controllers CAN be used in the same show or on the same network as RGB pixel controllers - just connect these controllers and RGB controllers together using Cat5 cable! Please view the specific instructions regarding CPC Package and RGBPlus Layout sequence configuration if you plan to use our default layout.

With the included software license, you can create your own light show to any song you choose (called a "sequence"). If you're not interested in sequencing on your own, after you add the Showtime Central Starter Package to your cart, just add one of our six Showtime Central SD card playlists (like the Signature Series TSO card) and you'll have a ready-to-play light show when your package arrives; just insert the SD card into your Director after you install your lights and connect them to your controller/s.

A Showtime Mini Director (1 Network) is included with this package and works with the "Deluxe Layout" SD Cards. In order to use RGBPlus Sequences, you may need a larger director (N4-G4 Upgrade) depending on the number of smart pixel props you include in your display. Learn more by clicking here.

These are 120v controllers. For 240v products, please click here.