Our professional, high voltage AC controller units (LOR160x) are UL-508 certified, work in 3 phase electrical environments, can easily be configured in the field, and have a two year warranty. These controllers can be used with traditional LED or incandescent lights (such as on wrapped trees, wireframes, or other custom props).

Add on pixel packages to create your own designs and props, or choose from any of our pre-assembled kits (like flood lights, singing faces, or pixel trees). 

Decide if you'll run your commercial display from a control center with a PC (take a look at our starter pack!) or if you'll let a Showtime Director and SD card do the work instead. For a quick RGB display at crunch time, take a look at the "Select-A-Prop Commercial Animation Package."

If you need to use a Purchase Order to buy products for your display, please contact us.

If you would like assistance with the entire process of creating a synchronized light show (design, purchasing, installation, sequencing, etc.), please contact one of our Certified Partners.

Commercial Products

Commercial Products

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