Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

We recommend reading our extensive documentation for in-depth instructions about using our software and hardware, but if you're more of a visual type, we have a variety of FREE video tutorials that can help you learn the core concepts.

Tutorials on this page are grouped by topic, and generally in "recommended viewing order." The majority of these videos are 5 minutes or less so you can learn exactly what you need to on a topic! (Some 'Extended Tutorial" videos are longer lengths)

Tutorial Topics on this page include: Getting Started, Using Our Store Sequences, Preview Building, Using the Sequencer to Create Your Own Light Shows, Superstar Sequencing, Scheduling a Show, Converting from S3/S4 to S5/S6, and Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks.

Light-O-Rama System - Getting Started & "Basics" Videos

  Which Controller To Buy and How To Connect It All

  Light-O-Rama Software - A Beginner's Overview

  Software Version and License Level Overview

  Upgrading from S3/S4 to S5/S6 Overview

  CPC Pixel Packages & RGBPlus Sequence Overview

  The Basics of Show Scheduling (Use Your Sequences)

  Basic Network and Controller Troubleshooting ("Found 0 Units")

Sequence Store - Sequence Installation and Configuration

  RGBPlus Sequences - Overview

  RGBPlus Sequences - Altering Default Networks

  RGBPlus Sequences - Use YOUR Preview (S5 or S6)

  CPC Packages - Setting Pixie Unit IDs (& Troubleshooting 'Only First 6 Pixels Lighting')

  Combining SD Card Shows

  "Singing Face Standalone" Sequence - Use in YOUR Sequences

  RGBPlus Sequences - Using More Than 40 Pixel Stakes

S5/S6 - Create Your Preview (Virtual Layout)

Videos are listed in recommended viewing order

  Creating A New Preview & Importing/Exporting Previews

  Creating AC (Traditional String) Props & Basic prop Groups

  Creating Dumb RGB Props (Like Floods)

  Creating Smart RGB Props & Prop Groups

  Lowering Pixel Brightness

  'Channel Conflict' Warnings & Making Bulk Preview Changes

  Formatting and Resizing Props (Like Pixel Trees)

  Use a Different Preview with Your Sequence

S5/S6 - The Sequencer (Create Your Light Shows!)

Videos are listed in recommended viewing order

  Customizing The "Sequencer" Window Layout

  Timing Grids, Beat Channels & Audio Wizards

  Grid Configurations (Organize Your Props for Sequencing)

  Top Toolbar - Paste Mode, Playback, Zooming In, and More

  Traditional 'AC' Light Sequencing

  Dumb RGB Color 'Color Fade' Effects

  Smart RGB Motion Effect Rows (Solution for White XXXXs in Sequencer)

  RGB Effect Samples Tab & Presets

  Motion Effect Generator - Effect Options as of v5.6.4

  Motion Effects (Smart RGB) - How to Create Effects

  Motion Effect - Sketch

  Modifying Multiple Effects at Once

  Sequencing Traditional Lights with Motion Effects

  Singing Faces Sequencing

  Extended Tutorial - ListenToOurLights Breaking Down Music

Superstar Software (Addon)

  Creating Basic 'Scenes' and 'Morphs'

  SuperStar General Basic and Advanced Techniques

  Configuring Cosmic Color Ribbons and Networks

  'Instant Sequencing' with Superstar

  Sequencing Circle Shapes

  Preview Building For Superstar Props

  Superstar 'Auto Sequencer' Feature

  Sequencing Singing Faces with Superstar

  Importing/Using Images

  Importing/Using S4 Visualizer Files

  Exporting Superstar Sequences (S4/S5)

  Using Purchased Sequences

Scheduling Your Show (S6)

  Networks Tab (Control Panel)

  Control Lights from Sequencer

  Creating an Animation Between Sequences

  Create Show Playlist (Control Panel)

  Additional Show Creation Features (Control Panel)

  Show Playback (Schedule Your Show)

  SD Card Playlist Creation

  Combining SD Card Shows

Scheduling Your Show (S5)

  Comm Ports & Network Preferences

  Control Lights from Sequencer

  Creating an Animation Between Sequences

  Show Editor (Create Your Playlist)

  Show Editor Advanced Tabs & Features

  Schedule Editor (Schedule Days/Times for Your Playlist)

  Creating an SD Card Show

  SD Card Show Troubleshooting

Converting from S3/S4 to S5/S6

  Upgrading from S3/S4 Overview

  Converting Your S4 Sequences

  Channel Conflicts After Import

  Assign Different Preview to Sequence

  Reattaching Music/Media Files

  Extended Tutorial - Comparing S4 & S5

Software Tips & Troubleshooting

  Basic Controller Troubleshooting ("Found 0 Units")

  'Only First 6 Pixels Lighting Up'

  Lights Not Working? Set Your Networks (S5)

  Fix White XXXs in Sequencer

  Press 'Play' and Control Lights in Sequencer

  Assign a Different Preview to a Sequence

  Archived (@) Props

  Creating Filler Animation Sequences

  Channel Conflict Errors & Making Bulk Changes

  Resizing Pixel Trees

  Lowering Pixel Brightness

  Modifying Effects in Bulk

  SD Card Playback Troubleshooting

  Combining SD Card Shows

  Print Channel Configuration

Hardware Tutorials

The best place to find help with hardware is our instruction manuals.

  Which Controller To Buy and How To Connect It All

  Extended Tutorial - Hardware Basics

  Comm Ports & Network Preferences

  Extended Tutorial - AC Controller Set Up

  Hardware Utility Basics and Setting AC Channel Controller IDs

  Setting Pixie Unit IDs

  Replacing a Pixie's Com Chip

  Pixie Controller Configuration

  Extended Tutorial - Pixie Configuration

  Aurora Core E1.31 Controller

  PixCon16 Configuration

Miscellaneous Extended Trainings

  Extended Tutorial - Projection Mapping Incorporation

  Extended Tutorial - Common Problems and How to Solve Them

  Extended Tutorial - LOR S5: Tips and Tricks

  Extended Tutorial - Fixing an Imported S4 Visualization

Tutorials for Previous Versions (S3 and S4)

  Initial Setup (S3 and S4): Initial Setup

  Sequence Editor (S3 and S4): New Sequences

  Sequence Editor (S3 and S4): Effect Tools

  Sequence Editor (S3 and S4): Copy and Paste

  Sequence Editor (S3 and S4): Tips and Tricks

  Show Building (S3 and S4)

  Pixel Editor (S4) (Pro Level Only)