10W RGB Flood Complete Package

SKU: 10W-Flood-Complete-Package|CMB24D-Assembled|RGB-Flood-10W

A complete "ready-for-use-with-our-sequences" package that includes an assembled CMB24D controller, and eight 10W Dumb RGB flood, each with a 16' extension cable attached.

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The 10W Flood Complete Package includes a fully assembled CMB24D controller board and a UL recognized power supply wired and mounted in a weather-proof, ventilated and UL listed enclosure. 

The package also includes eight 10W flood lights, each with a 16 foot extension cable attached. The cables are numbered for easy connection. If you need to mount your floods farther away from the controller, just add a few 10 foot or 20 foot 10W flood extensions to your cart before checkout.

With one 10W flood per output on a CMB24D controller, the recommended maximum extension length is 40ft. With multiple 10W floods per output, the maximum extension length will be reduced due to the double (or more) power draw per output. 


Enclosure Length: 13 1/2"
Enclosure Width: 11 1/2"
Enclosure Height: 5"
Dangle Length: 11"
Power Cord: 53 1/2"

Note: Software is not included. The latest version of the Light-O-Rama Software Suite is recommended. In order to use this flood light package in our 'Ready to Go' sequences, you need the "Standard" license level or above.