PRO Series LOR800Wg3

SKU: LOR800Wg3

A 15amp Professional Series AC lighting controller. Use with traditional LED or incandescent lights.


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The Gen3 LOR800Wg3 is an 8 channel weather resistant light controller that can operate independently (standalone mode non-musical), operate as the (non-musical) director unit in a multi-controller network or as an add-on unit of a larger synchronized network of controllers. 

Standard incandescent or LED lights can be plugged into the 8 channels on the LOR800W. Each of the 8 independent channels has a number of special effects such as dimming, ramping, twinkle and shimmer. The LOR800W can not control RGB pixels, but CAN be connected to pixel controllers (like our Pixie series) and operate on the same high speed data network.

The LOR800W is built in a weather resistant case allowing it to be used for your outdoor displays. The LOR800W has a 15 Amp capacity. Only available in a 120VAC version.

Note: Software is not included. Need Software? We recommend that you purchase the Generic Starter Package to receive the software at a discount.