Pro Series 16 Channel Starter Package - Computer Show

SKU: ST-SP-16|LOR1600W|lic-basic|CAT-5E25FT|USB485-HS

The starter package that has all of the hardware you need to start your first light show with traditional lights, with the capacity for you to expand to more traditional lights or add RGB later on. Just purchase or create your sequences!

Get a discount on software with this package!
Basic Software License = FREE
Standard Software License = Save $50.00!
Pro Software License = Save $100.00!

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LOR1600 (15amp)
LOR1602 (30amp)
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This package has everything you need to turn your PC into the command center of a sophisticated light show for Christmas, Halloween, or any other event. The PRO Series LOR1600W provides enough power to control a 4,500 mini-light display or 10,000+ Christmas LED Lights. The LOR1602W can handle twice that number of lights. With the included software, adapter and cables you have the tools and connectivity to put your PC in control of your lights. The only thing left to do is purchase or create your sequences!

Want to control the show with an SD card and Showtime Director instead of a PC? Shop for a Showtime Director!

Starter Package Includes:

  • LOR1600W (15amp) or LOR1602 (30amp)
  • 25' Cat5 Cable
  • ShowTime Software License - (Basic, Standard, or Pro Version)
    • Basic (Control everything in this package) - FREE! (Standalone Price = $49.95)
    • Standard (Control a lot more traditional lights) - $50.00 discount
    • Pro (Control unlimited traditional lights and smart pixel lights) - $100.00 discount
  • USB485 adapter + USB Cable with filters (required for computer connection)

    Learn more about the different license levels here.

    This is a 120v controller. For special orders of 240v products, please click here.