Jingle All The Way SD Card

SKU: Jingle-All-The-Way-SD-RTG

This playlist of 10 songs (~24 minutes) is available in two layouts: Deluxe or RGBPlus. Learn more about the layouts in the description below.

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Deluxe Layout - Ready to Go
Deluxe Layout - You Can Modify (+$70)
RGBPlus Layout - You Can Modify (+$235)
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This SD card is pre-programmed with the sequences shown in the "Playlist" tab and set up to run any time you give a Showtime Director power (and stop when you take it away). If you want to rearrange the sequences (or add in additional ones you've purchased from our sequence store), no problem - all of the original sequence files are included on the SD card and can be easily moved to your PC. Just insert the card and double click on the .exe "Distributor" file included on the card and everything will be unpacked for you so you're ready to edit.


This card has three options to choose from, which allow you to purchase the 10 songs on this card at a discounted bundle compared to individual purchases per sequence! The Deluxe Layout and RGBPlus Layout contain different props. Please see the 'Layouts' tab for more information.

If you select the modifiable version of a card, you can even make changes to the sequences and add in additional props that might be unique to your display. The Deluxe layout includes sequencing for four full 16 channel AC controllers plus 4 AC channels of strobes, four sets of eight dumb RGB elements, a 16x25 smart pixel tree, and four singing faces (when applicable). The RGBPlus version includes nearly 100 smart pixel props.

If you're just starting out, we recommend purchasing a Showtime Central Starter Package or an RGBPlus Starter Package Addon to go with your SD card. 


Important Considerations

The RGBPlus version of this card requires an N4-G4-MP3 Director for non-altered use. The RGBPlus version may be used on a Mini or N2-G4 Director with customer-made networking modifications.

Important - This card runs at 500K. It requires Gen3 controllers and Directors. It does not support EasyLight Linker (wireless) communication. The Showtime Director must use firmware version 6.11 or higher.


SD Card Upgrades

You may upgrade and pay the difference between the Deluxe Layout - Ready to Go and the Deluxe Layout - You Can Modify (exact same layout - but you can modify the sequences), if you contact the help desk with your order number within three years of your purchase date. If you contact the help desk between three and five years of your purchase date, you may receive half credit towards your Deluxe Layout - You Can Modify purchase. You will be sent digital files as an upgrade.

The RGBPlus version of this card was released on June 5, 2023. If you purchased the Deluxe Layout of this card between January 1, 2021 and June 4, 2023, you are eligible for a discount to the RGBPlus version until June 5, 2025, relative to how long ago your order was placed (full credit for 2023 or 2022; half credit for 2021). Please contact our help desk with your original order number. Discounts are not retroactively applied to purchases.

If you purchase a Deluxe Layout of this card (RTG or YCM) on or after June 5, 2023 (RGBPlus version already available), you have TWO YEARS from YOUR purchase date to contact our help desk with your order number to receive credit towards the RGBPlus version, equal to the full price you paid for your Deluxe Version. Between two and three years from your purchase date, you can receive half of your Deluxe Layout purchase price in credit. After three years from your purchase date, you are no longer eligible for discount credit towards an RGBPlus purchase.