SPT Wire & Plugs

In an animated display the extension cords are often one of the higher cost items. Many times the extension cords cost more than the lights being used!

Want to save? You can use SPT wire with our male and female connectors to make your own extension cords. It is quick and easy to do. You can make the cords to the exact length required, eliminating waste and clutter.

All of our SPT wire is UL listed. We have had extra UV protection added to the wire and the insulation is rated for hot and cold weather use. You will see the special STP-1W and SPT-2W mark on our wire. The W mark is very uncommon with SPT wire and is for all weather applications.

SPT-1 and SPT-2 wire have the same size conductors but the insulation on the SPT-2 wire is a little thicker then the insulation on SPT-1. Because the insulation is thinner on SPT-1 it is easier to attach the connectors.

The connectors are often referred to as vampire connectors or plugs. They get the name "vampire" because they have two metal prongs (teeth) that stick into the wire when you slide the cover onto them.
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