The SuperStar Sequencer

The SuperStar Sequencer is a new approach to light sequencing. Think of it as an addon to the regular Sequence Editor.

The Auto Sequence feature will take your S4 visualation file or S5 preview and your Audio file and create a show for you!
Lighting effects are created at a higher level such as scrolling text or animations on a matrix or Morphs from one state to another.

The SuperStar Seqencer is the ultimate tool for complex CCR sequence but it also can be used for regular lights.

Click here for license FAQs.
Download the software here. Do not download if you already have the S4 or S5  software. Just enter your key to unlock the demo.

The main S4 or S5 Software Suite is required to use SuperStar - This software is an ADDON to S4 or S5.  When using SuperStar with S5, the PRO license level of the main software suite is required.

Which version do I need? One CCR (Cosmic Color Ribbon) is equal to 50 pixels, or 150 channels. For example, if you purchase one of our SuperStar ribbon tree kits (16 strands of 50 pixels), you would need the 16_CCR version of SuperStar (800 pixels). If you are going to use SuperStar for the Auto Sequence feature, you will likely be concerned with the number of channels supported. For example, the 4_CCR version would allow you to control 200 pixels, or 600 channels.

License Version CCRs - Pixels Supported Regular Price  
4_CCR 4 CCRs - 200 Pixels $29.95  
8_CCR 8 CCRs - 400 Pixels $49.95  
16_CCR 16 CCRs - 800 Pixels $99.95  
24_CCR 24 CCRs - 1,200 Pixels $149.95
40_CCR 40 CCRs - 2,000 Pixels $199.95  
60_CCR 60 CCRs - 3,000 Pixels $249.95  
80_CCR 80 CCRs - 4,000 Pixels $299.95  
160_CCR 160 CCRs - 8,000 Pixels $349.95
320_CCR 320 CCRs - 16,000 Pixels $399.95

SuperStar Sequencer